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Raft building at Camp Adair

"This is freezing!" I said, as we pulled our raft down the icy river. My shoes were already filling up with water making them squelchy and heavy. We had just spent the last half-hour making a raft from four plastic barrels, twelve bumpy bamboo poles and long lengths of rope. The finished product was quite good, and looked something like this:
Since the point of a raft is to keep people afloat, we were going to be trying it out. Once the raft was far enough in the water (and we were knee deep) Martin (our instructor) told us to hop on. After some commotion everyone was settled on different points on the raft and Martin grabbed a long bit of the rope attached to a pole of bamboo. 'Camp Adair is great!' I thought to myself as Martin began to guide the raft down the river. 'I'm so glad I came!' 

As we travelled along, ice cold water gushed around our legs. Then we came to a stop. "See that tree over there?" Martin called to us. "I have a leaf collection and I need one from that tree to complete it. So far I haven't been able to get one. Can you?"
Everyone started to kick in the opposite direction of the tree, propelling us closer to the tree. Once we reached it, Jana grabbed a leaf and exclaimed "got one!" Martin started to walk backward, hauling the raft with him. But it wouldn't move any farther than five metres. "We're stuck!" Someone shouted. "Then you guys will have to hop off here" Martin said, hauling the raft sideways toward the bank. We clambered up the grassy surface and helped him drag the raft out of the river. After thanking him, we trudged back to camp, the thought of dry clothes and warm milo in our heads.
By Grace

Thursday, November 28, 2013

3 days of exciting activities(camp recount)

Rambo Bridge
“How can Alannah do that?” I thought. Alannah was doing the sit ups on the bridge! After doing the sit ups she crawled upside down under the bridge and did the possum! Everyone was amazed by what Alannah did. When she came down from the bridge, everybody crowded around Alannah. Soon it was my turn to go on the Rambo bridge.

Once I went up the bridge, it was like standing on the edge of a Sky Tower :D It looked easy when I was on the ground but it was difficult to move an inch when got up there. Someone (that I don't remember) told me to hold the tree with your left hand and hold the rope with your right hand. I slowly switched hands, shuddering. I took one step towards the other side of the tree. I kept walking until I reached the middle of the bridge, and then I asked my instructor, ET 'can you pull me down?' ET asked me if I was sure and I said I was. But once I came down, I kind of regretted that I came down so early.

When my group was doing camp cooking, Mrs McGhie went up the Rambo bridge because of the deal Mrs McGhie and James made. She looked horrified but Mrs McGhie made it to the middle and she came down looking like a ballerina.

Raft Building
“Can you check my helmet Martin?” I asked. As soon as Martin was done checking someone else, he checked my helmet and my life jacket. After checking everyone's helmets, he showed our group how to plan what our raft was going to look like with rocks and sticks. He said to imagine that the rocks are barrels and sticks are bamboo sticks. Holly M came up with a plan and most of our group agreed. After planning we got on to real building. Martin taught  us how to tie ropes properly so they don't get loose while we are on it. He asked us to have a try tying the ropes with a partner and I tied the bamboo and barrels together with Amalie. Once our raft was ready to go, everyone dragged the raft toward the freezing river. 

The river was as cold as the North Pole. The ice cold water made goosebumps around my skin. When I went up the raft I was a little relieved. However Izzy couldn't get up the raft because it got deeper and she couldn't jump up. When the raft tilted, nearly all the girls screamed (including me). Once the raft came back, we were all exhausted with bright smiles on our face.

Rock Climbing
I  didn't know what to do. My muscles were burning so hard. I closed my eyes and I lifted my left leg on to the next step. I nearly slipped but because I quickly let go my my right hand and grabbed the round shaped handle, I was safe. I continued to climb and finally I touched the number which was located on the top of the snormous wall. I let everything go and the helpers slowly let me down to the ground. After my turn on the rock climbing, I changed spots with one of the helpers. 

Once the next person went up, I slowly leaned back and started walking backwards. After every single person had a turn, I tried the bump course because I went on the flat course before. It looked pretty easy from the ground and like always, it was hard :D! My muscles were burning even more than last time. I was stuck on the bumpy bit for nearly a minute. I was yelling for help inside my brain ;o But I heard someone cheering and reached the crocodile-looking handle. After the bumpy bit, it was easy as pie :) I felt proud of myself for touching both of the numbers on both of the courses :D

Mud Slide
The water wasn't going at first and people had to walk down the slide. But then Nicole's dad made the water go so people were really fast at going down. People told me that the ground of the mud pool is disgusting and slimy. When I had a turn on the slide my body was hurting because I got bumped by the rocks that were covered by the black plastic shhet. I splashed went into the pool, it was freezing! The bottom was disgusting like the people told me. The mudslide was amazing, fun, awesome and last of all it was FREEZING.

Confidence Course
“Ewwww...” I said to myself. We had to go over and under logs with mud everywhere. My togs were covered in brown mud. After a few obstacles, we had to hang onto the tyres and jump to the next tyres without falling down into the mud. Luckily, I didn't fall in the mud, but we all had to help Isabel go across. In the middle of the course, I wondered if the mud actuaally had some poo contained in it. Because the smell of the mud attacked my nose. 

After nearly all the fantastic obstacles, Chantelle said to put one of our arms under your legs and use the other hand to hold the arm of the person infront of you. In a second, everysingle girl was in a weird position. After finishing the weird 'position making', we had to walk across a bunch of tyres filled with slimy mud. The time when we nearly finished, someone accidently let go og hand with another person and unfortunately Chantelle saw the hands letting go and she told us we had to start again. Chantelle gave us a little tip: 'use teamwork'. People said 'left, right, left, right' so we could keep the speed of I legs going properly. After the tyre walk, we were told to go in a pool of poo smelling mudpool and go under the rope that was hanging in the middle of the pool.

If we touched the rope we had to stick our face under the mud. Unfortunately, I touched the rope and I had to stick my face under the stinking, poo coloured mud. Once I came out of the mud, I could taste clay in my mouth. When everyone got out, Chantelle led us to the pigsty to rub mud off our body. The confidence course was AWESOME!(and a little bit smelly too).


Allergies are a big problem on earth right now. Allergies happen when you eat something or smell something and your body thinks its bad for you. That's called an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction is when an allergen goes into your body and it reacts by coughing,sneezing,itching and really rarely dying. An allergen is something that your body causes a reaction for. A lot of people have allergies these days .I have done a survey around my classroom  and 75% of people have allergies, 20% of people don't have allergies and 5% of people weren't sure if they had allergies or not. The most common allergies are Hayfever (caused by pollen, mostly from hay), peanut allergy, bee allergy and drug allergy. I hope now you know more about allergies. Thank you for reading.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Flying High

My heart was racing, my head was pounding, and sweat was slithering down my back as my turn on the Rambo had come up. The Rambo Bridge was a humongous tree with a big log attached to it. I took a deep breath...That didn’t help. I gulped in a whole heap of smoke and burnt pancakes. YUK! I looked behind me and saw another group cooking. “It’s your turn James”, Yelled the instructor. As I approached the ladder my legs were shaking. “I can do this, I can do this”, I thought to myself. I started to climb up. I felt like the world was going in slow motion as I was climbing. Suddenly I gave up. I couldn’t go any more. My legs Said,”Stop! “. “Can I come down now?” I said nervously. He didn’t hear. “Um can I come down now!? “Sorry what?” Said the instructor. It was no point he wouldn’t hear. I tugged the rope to say I’ve had enough. The instructor told me to jump down. I didn’t refuse I jumped and landed safely. “So anyone for second turns?” I sighed and said, No thanks.

The next activity was raft building,”It can’t be that bad”, I thought. I was wrong the girls were running and pushing whatever was in their way. “To see what I thought” I thought. My eyes widened. Sheep! Sheep! What on earth would you want to see sheep for all they do is eat, sleep and poop Raft buildings far more interesting”, I said in disgust. I sighed and walked away. First things first, safety, we put on life jackets and helmets. Then we had to build a raft included: 4 barrels, bamboo and rope. My group planned what it would look like. To be honest my plan was far more interesting but then again, “ 1 vs. 6 girls” I thought. “Ok this is how you tie a knot” said the instructor. I didn’t listen and soon enough the time came. Time to tow in the boat. COLD IN THE CROTCH! I felt my legs go numb and the water was so cold it stung. “Oh no! Instructor please stop talking!” I thought. I was in agony.”

“No I won’t do it I just won’t do it”, I said nervously. “C’mon do it. If you do the flying kiwi I will do the Rambo bridge”, said Mrs McGhie, “By the way I’m scared of heights”. That made things easier but I still couldn’t decide. I felt like the world depended on me. It was a hard decision I didn’t want to do it but I wanted Mrs McGhie to do the Rambo Bridge. In a flash I said yes. I was nervous but not as nervous as when I did the Rambo Bridge. I tried to make it look like I was messing up while putting on the harness; it didn’t make a difference. At least I was last. James your turn’s up! “What?!” I said in shock. “M-m-my turn? Really”, I said in confusion. I didn't know what was going on. I got hooked up to the rope and was ready. 3...2...1. GO! “Ahhhhhhhh”,I yelled. Woah this is awesome I had been fired straight up into the air. I started to come down. “ I wasn’t to do this again”, I shouted. “ Well this means I have to do the Rambo bridge but good job!”, said Mrs McGhie. Wow from being so nervous to do it again!

Go Mrs McGhie! Go Mrs McGhie!”, yelled everyone. Mrs McGhie took off her glasses and started to climb up the Rambo Bridge. Mrs McGhie bolted up and in no time she was up. I could tell Mrs McGhie was terrified. She started walking across very nervously. Mrs McGhie got about half way and stopped she was too scared. Wow! When she came down upside down! “yeah!!!”yelled everyone once again. “Mrs McGhie that was an awesome deal”, I said “That was a huge deal”, Mrs McGhie replied.

By James

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Health Matters -

It is important to learn about allergies so that we can recognise them in ourselves and others, know what to do and how to treat them, and how to get help when needed.

It is important to learn about diseases so that we can recognise them, prevent them if possible, know how to treat some of them, support others with diseases and understand how and why they happen.

It is important to learn about self esteem so that we can support others and not make things worse, so that we can feel good about ourselves and know how to improve our own and others self esteem.

It is important to know about our body and how it works so that you know what your body is able to do so you look after it properly and you know how to take care of it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

100 Word Challenge


My parents had just put me to bed. I was in my pitch black room. I could hear crunching and rustling from outside my bedroom window. I could hear tapping from tree branches against my wall.

From in the hall I could hear footsteps, they were getting louder and louder. From the bottom of my door I could make out feet. I could see mr door handle twist one way and then the other. My bedroom door started, very slowly opening...

And then I saw a bright light, shining in my eyes. A black figure walked right up to my bed. It was just standing there.

By Holly M

Friday, September 20, 2013

100 word challenge

I woke up in terror, I felt like everything was going to hurt me after what had happened. I was shaking in horror, I just couldn't forget about it.

I was in my room, I could hear the roaring fire grow as my family screamed. I froze, I did nothing. The burning building started to collapse. I quickly jumped out of my window. I smacked onto the cold hard ground below. I couldn't move and then I saw a bright light. The next thing I knew I woke up here in a hospital. I got told where my family, they were gone and I was alone.