Friday, March 13, 2009

The Magical Kingfisher

It was hot and all the people were thirsty. The rock hole ran out of water then…
The king fisher came and picked up the people. He had this land with heaps of water. He took the people to his land.
The people were so happy that they had so much fun. They drank big mouthfuls of water until they were no longer thirsty and they became stronger.
They decided to stay there forever.


CheesyUK said...

What an awesome story! I love the Kingfisher and that everyone has enough water. Brilliant.
We look forward to your next one!

Justine said...

Dear PAS
I liked your retelling of this aboriginal dreamtime story. I wonder what New Zealand bird we could make use if this tale was set in nz? May be the Tui or Pukeko, perhaps your class could make some tales up using NZ creatures - perhaps some Room 6 Dreamtime Stories? Wonder what Mrs M will think?
keep up the great work
from Mrs Driver @pakurangaheights

Moturoa said...

Everyone on this planet needs water. I hope it never runs out!

Allanah K IN Nelson

Adam said...

What an amazing story. I wish I could see the kingfisher one day.