Monday, September 26, 2011

My Teeth

At my school we had a dentist.She checked out all my teeth, that are in my mouth! She was very kind but she hurt my mouth a lot because she said to me, ''Bite together'. 'So then I bit together and she pulled my lips. OUCH! What is your dentist like?

The Arts Festival

At my school - Oteha Valley, we are having an Arts Festival and I have 4 things in it because I am in the art extention with the Deputy Principal! Most people only have 2 pieces of art in the Arts Festival. One of my things that I did was a parrot. I made it by dabbing the paint brush on to a piece of paper to make a parrot shape and I did a 3D thing to it. I painted a piece of paper, let it dry and then cut it out, folded it and glued it onto the wing of the parrot.Everyone in our class created art for the festival too. These are our butterflies.

Butterfly Art - Paint and Ink on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's Going On At Your School?

Hi do you like lego? Do you know what it is? Any way what are you learning about? I bet it's something cool. Do you like ninjas because I do. My  school is having an arts festival this week. I want to read what you want to say.  P.S. Do you have a library and Lego Ninjagos?

Arts Festival

This year  my school  is having an arts festival. We have been doing lots of arts this month.We will be sharing our arts and showing them to our parents. Our school is proud of our arts. All of our art works are made from paper.The arts we made were these : butterflies, whirly stuff, shells,  poems and other sort of paper arts.We really like all of our arts.This is our best arts.Our junior kids are having their arts festival tomorow and  the senior kids are having their one on 29 of September. We will be having turns on acting and watching. In our arts festival we will be dancing, singing, silent dancing and doing arts. Our choir and dance are different kinds of  songs.We will all like our arts festival.
New Zealand Native Birds - Pastel and Dye on PhotoPeach

Wild Me

The liopolmonruffiger bird is about to attack you! Now back to the story. It eats lioorbantpolger fly. This creature is 13425.23144566 years old! They are old!  Run!  They're attacking! Just teasing. It is the best thing you can ask for.

Doodle 4 Google

This year New Zealand was chosen to draw a doodle 4 Google to put up on Google. We had to wish what we wanted to see in the future. So I wanted the world to have more rare and extinct fish and birds. And I started drawing a doodle 4 Google. So I made a g out of kiwis and a o out of fish.It will take a few days for you to make a doodle 4 Google.So try one now.


The Hiss-bat-croc-ger-at-scorpion is a very rare  animal because most people shot and killed this animal. Also animals have tried to kill this animal. Some people think that this animal is a pest but it isn't; it kills another animals that are pests.


In our class we have been doing experiments like: making jelly and chunky chalk. With the chunky chalk we got to make our own chalk and take our chunky chalk home. The jelly we got to eat; I just shoveed it in my mouth and then washed my fingers. Then I had another piece I drank it insted but there was nothing left to eat. We did a different experiment called The Bouncing Egg. It broke so we (well some of the class)had to touch the skin.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Our Community

Hello. My room is learning about communities how we are in the community.
The community is our world - everyone is in the community.
We have learnt about Fiji, Scotland and New Zealand.
Have you seen the haka in the news or on Sky Sports?
I also watched the Rugby World Cup fireworks on Sky Sports.
What are you learning about? :)


The Cross Country

On June the second it was cross country at school. At the start of school I started jogging so I could run faster. So after lunch I got changed. Then I went to the court to wait till it was the 7 years old boys turn to run. When it was our turn,we huddled together to start the race. When we started I ran ahead. Whoever I ran past they did not pass me again. When I ran around the rain garden I almost fell over! So when I reached the end I felt proud. I was in first place!


Our Wild Selves

Recently our class have been making our own wild selves and then we had to write a report about them.A wild self is a computer person except you can put animal features on it like a peacock tail or reindeer antlers etc. etc. My wild self is a Rein-rab-conda-ger-guin-fly-peacock and I named it Miss Wild.The computer makes the scientific name by taking bits of all the animals' names that you used to make your wild self. You can make your own wild self by googling make your own wild self.


My Wild Self

I made a wild self

The Arts Festival!

Hello everyone!
On September 29th and 21st our school's arts festival is on. Our school's arts festival comes up every 3 years. There is a enior arts festival on September 29th (year 3-6) and a junior arts festival September 21st (year 1 and 2). The difference about these arts festivals is  that the seniors do it in different groups but the juniors just do it in their classroom groups. The senior groups  are: art, extentsion art, photography, kapa haka, dance for year 3 and 4, dance for year 5 and 6 and creative dance. Extentsion art is where your teacher picks out people that are REALLY good at art and you do art with the vice principal.  Me, J.M, D.K and G.S got chosen. Me and D.K are the ONLY year 3's in the group. I can't wait for the arts festival!
By H.C

My Wild Self

Our class made some weird animals.We had to write a report about our wild self. I was the fist one to finish my wild self report I got to show our principal and I got a  small sticker. The other poeple got a big sticker and  all of them said on them Super  including mine but it said Super Job.


Our Wild Selves.

Wild selves are imaginative creatures. Mine is an amphibian; that means that he can go on land and water.