Tuesday, September 24, 2013

100 Word Challenge


My parents had just put me to bed. I was in my pitch black room. I could hear crunching and rustling from outside my bedroom window. I could hear tapping from tree branches against my wall.

From in the hall I could hear footsteps, they were getting louder and louder. From the bottom of my door I could make out feet. I could see mr door handle twist one way and then the other. My bedroom door started, very slowly opening...

And then I saw a bright light, shining in my eyes. A black figure walked right up to my bed. It was just standing there.

By Holly M

Friday, September 20, 2013

100 word challenge

I woke up in terror, I felt like everything was going to hurt me after what had happened. I was shaking in horror, I just couldn't forget about it.

I was in my room, I could hear the roaring fire grow as my family screamed. I froze, I did nothing. The burning building started to collapse. I quickly jumped out of my window. I smacked onto the cold hard ground below. I couldn't move and then I saw a bright light. The next thing I knew I woke up here in a hospital. I got told where my family, they were gone and I was alone.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

100 Word Challenge

It was midnight, the darkest night of the year. I was walking through the back allies of London thinking why am I doing this? There was only one reason, I had lost my parents during the day and I was trying to find them. I turned a corner and then I saw a bright light, it was a torch, the brightest I had ever seen. My parents were so happy to find me and I was too. I was only 4 when that happened and to find my parents was the BEST thing that had happened to me ever!

100 word challenge

I was walking down the street it was dark and empty.
It was a ghost town! I am lost, I am scared, I am alone.
"Who's that? What's there? Where am I?"
And then I saw a bright light!
It was blinding and hurting my eyes.
"Don't worry young one you're safe with me"
His voice was familiar, rough and musty, but old and gentle.
I knew his voice from somewhere, but where?
But then something interrupted my thoughts.
“Come on kid get in the car, Mum’s waiting for us”

I had found my REAL FATHER!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Bullying is a verb, meaning: being mean and hurting someone. Bullying happens in schools, but it can also happen in adult life. This is not a just about hurting someone by saying something and it is not even hitting someone because you hate them. It is a crime, that you'll need to get punished. Bullying can cause the victim to commit suicide, and that's why it is a crime that you should never do in your life. Here are some different types of bullying.

Psychological Bullying
Usually bullying happens in schools. The bullies are trying to make their victim think they're useless, weird, and different from others. The bullies try to take the victims friends away to feel lonely. The bullies laugh at them, spread rumours, and etc. This is nearly invisible to the victims parents or their caregivers. A bully usually have sidekicks to make sure they're not alone, but sometimes the sidekick runs away and leave the bully all alone.

Cyber Bullying
Cyber bullying basically means 'online bullying'. It happens on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Bullying on internets can spread rumors quickly because if one of the bully post something that is not good for the victim. Then another person shares the photo and others can easily share too! That's the bad thing about cyber bullying. This happens to teenagers because 10 year olds can't join facebook or twitter. Cyber bullying collects more people to join the main bully to make the victim more uncomfortable.

Physical Bullying
Physical bullying is the most violent bullying. It is very hurtful of the victim. However, this bullying can stop easily because the victim's body might bleed from the bullies and their parents will notice easily.
Then the parents will put a stop to it. But the victim feels shy of themselves and wipe out all the evidance and just keep normal. Care about your child more to make them have happy, good adulthood.

As it says on the top paragraph bullying is nearly invisible from the victim's parents. Therefore, bullying can cause many problems in the future. Getting bullied is not a shy thing so be confident and speak to the bullies, and tell an adult that you trust. Get some trusted friends to help you out with the bullies. If you see someone getting bullied maybe you can help the victim to get out of the bullies. If you get an email that seems like bullying resend it to your parents so you have evidence, and tell them don't send any of this stuff. Hope you are not getting bullied!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How Slime Teleported to Minecraft and was Defeated by Steve

                                                               Part 7
I was in a dark place deep underground there was lava and fire everywhere. I turned around and I saw Zombie Pigmen. I also saw a Nether Stronghold. I went in it. There was a Blaze. I knew I had to kill it but I didn't know how to. I circled by himand attacked him. It didn't take long to kill him so I took his rod and jumped back into the portal.
 blaze by DasterEndermanalbino on DevinArt. 

How Slime Teleported to Minecraft and was Defeated by Steve

                                                                  Part 6
I woke up again. "Time to go mining" I thought. So I grabbed my Diamond Pickaxe, my Diamond Sword and 10 cooked porkchops. I walked down the stairs in my mineshaft. I started mining. And guess what I found-a ravine with a STRONGHOLD!!! I went into it and I just needed 1 eye of ender to finish the portal. I started looking for obsidian to go to the Nether to find Blazes to get Blaze rods to make Blaze powder to make an eye of ender. So I started mining the obsidian that I just found. I went back to my house. I made the portal took my flint and steel and it made the purple particles appear. I jumped in.

How Slime Teleported to Minecraft and was Defeated by Steve

                                                                    Part 5
I woke up. There was something strange outside the door. I took my diamond sword out and slowly opened the door. Ahhhhhhhh! It was something green and weird. It was trying to jump on me. I ran back inside took my bow out and got out from the back door. It saw me. I had to climb on the tree. I was saved! I started shooting the green slimy thing. When it just died there were 4 smaller ones of those. "Doesn't matter I thought". So I jumped of the tree and locked in my house. I was tired. And then I got an idea. I broke the window and started shooting from my house. When they finally died I fall asleep again.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One Tree Hill Domain

This is One Tree Hill erupting. One tree hill is a volcano that erupted and lava that poured out made 3 huge craters. One of them was a normal crater (circle one) and the other two were horse shoe craters. It was fun learning about it!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

I met a dragon

I am looking around. Puffing. This forest is filled with tall trees that block my my sight and I can't see which direction I need to go in. I tried to find the way. However it just made me go deeper into the tall-tree forest. Suddenly a drop of rain raced down to my glassess and made me look for somewhere to cover myself from the rain. Suddenly a black stoney cave got caught in my eyesight. I quickly ran into the stoney cave without thinking. I breathed out air and I could feel breathe back.

 I was curious about the breath and my brain commanded my feet to creep deeper in. I couldn't control my body which wasn't a good sign. That might be an animal. Bear? Lion? About ten more seconds and I could see two bright lights. I wonder what it is.....?

 Soon I could see black dot in the middle of each lights. What could that be? A lamp with moth trapped inside? An eye? Eye? E...eye!!? I screamed  as hard as I could. I felt my whole mouth shaking. I was so confused. I dropped my whole body on the ground and my glasses slipped out of my face. I could feel my cheek burning and I was about to run away. 3...2...1..go!!! But oh gosh my legs fell asleep! All I could hear was growling from the unknown creature. I was saying bye to everyone in my mind.... I still couldn't figure out what creature was growling. In about 5 seconds I could see the skin of it. It looked green and rough. What could THAT be?? Soon I was saying "okay..I am going to be eaten by a cave-living crocodile...I didn't know my end of the life would be this mangy..... I gulped. Soon something weird was stuck next to the cave-living crocodile.....

HOLY DRAGONS!! Okay maybe I was wrong. I was going to get eaten by a dragon. I have never seen it before.

                                                      TO BE CONTINUED....

Dear tsunami

Dear tsunamicrashing down I like the way you lift and come crashing down I want you to not hit our ourhousecity can you tell the the plates to leave each other and not make you angry yours sincerly Dreyden

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Similes  @===|--------------->

The tornado was as fast as a cheetah riding a Bugatti on a lightning bolt
The tornado was like me in a spaceship in a black hole

The earth quake was rumbling like a giant jumping on the ground
The earthquake  is like a self destruct button on the earth being pushed

The eruption is as hot as putting boiling water on you
The eruption is like a the sun throwing fire at you

The flood is like god placed his pool over us
The flood is as cold as an ice block in the freezer

The drought is as dry as the Sahara desert
The drought is like pan on the earth

Natural disaster SIMILES!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dear volcano

Dear volcano
Your burning lava rushes down the hills.
It bubbles and explodes all over the place.
Your ashes settle down and starts to relax.
you leave everything in ashes and dust.
You burst without warning at first.
Why do you do it?
You  burn and kill.
It does not help us,
It does not even help you.

Dear Tsunami

Dear Tsunami
your strength and power kills and hurts.
you're too fast, you destroy what's in your way.
You cause loss of family.
You cause terror
and loss of hope.
You make people feel like they're in a washing machine.
Your current is too strong,
It'll pull us until our strength is gone

By Kirsty

The Tsunami

The Tsunami...
Destroying everything in its path...
On a hot Hawaiian morning...
For six scary hours...
Why? He's sending a message

By Holly K.

The swirling Tornado

The Swirling Tornado

Throwing debris in all directions
On a calm Californian day
For half an hour
Why? He hates pollution

By Holly K.

How Slime Teleported to Minecraft and was Defeated by Steve

Part 4 I saw the exactly the same copy of me. The only difference was that he had blank white eyes. I thought-Herobrine. I Knew that he didn't exist from 1.6.1. I didn't know what to do. I crouched behind a block, made a crafting table and then a diamond sword. I jumped out and started hitting Herobrine with my sword. He dissapeared. I made some iron armour and started walking back home. What a weird day was today-I thought as I was falling asleep
Minecraft: Herobrine by ~PHLJX on deviantART