Monday, December 3, 2012

Why children should have ipads / ipods at school.

How can parents and teachers live their life knowing they are keeping children from using ipads / ipods at school? I don't know but I am starting to think they don't WANT us to have them. I think that we should have them and here are some reasons why:

They take up less space than laptops and computers, they are portable where as computers are not, the battery charge lasts for a long time and MANY other reasons.

They also have educational games and apps that can help with spelling and math. The speakers and camera allow kids to record / make videos of thier learning. You can get an internet app so that kids can reaserch information they need for certain subjects. Some even have wi-fi.

Have you ever wanted something that was small, portable, has internet, long lasting battery and doesn't need cables? That's precisley why I think kids should have ipads / ipods at school.

By : GrT