Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Amazing Twilight Gala!

Finally the 16 of March, I have been waiting for the first ever Twilight Gala held at Oteha Valley School. I was at home getting ready for the senior kapahaka to perform on the court in front of everyone. one of my friends and I had to do a speech, but we jut didn't want to do it on the microphone. But we did it, it wasn't that bad. We went onto the court and we had some cones around us so that no one would get in our way and muck us up. So me and my friend had to try and squeeze through everyone so that we could get to our places. We wore pretty long maori designed dresses just for the senior kapahaka girls could wear. The boys wore a piupiu and a headband but made bigger and it was down the sides of their bodies. The girls wore a clip on earing, a moko and some more makeup. it took us about 1 hour to do the seniors and the juniors kapahaka

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Twilight Gala

On the 16 of March Oteha Valley School held their first Gala of Oteha Valley School History.
While I was home getting ready to go, the first thing I was thinking of was going on the SKOF slide. (I knew there was a slide because I saw it after school before I went home)

Finally at 4:25, I took my first step into the school. Everything was WAY better than I thought.
I stared at the slide. It was taller than I thought it was. When the clocks all struck 4:30 it all began. I ran to the slide with my friends. I reached deep in my pocket. I took out $3 from my pocket. The man gave me a token to show that he knows I can have another turn on the huge slide and a blanket so I don’t get burned on my skin. . (It is a blow up slide) I climbed up and took a deep breath. When I got to the top I got in my blanket like a sleeping bag. I looked down, it looked so steep. I slid down screaming, it was like a straight line, how fun it was! After my second turn I reached down in my pocket again for $2. This time I went with another friend. We held hands and stepped into the haunted house. It was so dark and scary. Vampires and monsters would pop out of walls and scare you. When we found the exit Mrs Mcghie asked us if we wanted to go out or go another way for people that are brave.(Mrs Mcghie was on the Haunted House Roster from 4:30 to 5:00) We went the brave way. When we got out it was already 5:00. We raced to the Kapa Haka room to get in our costume. (We missed some cool things while we changed)

Finally at 6:00 we hit the court to perform. I was in the front line, fourth to last on the right. The show was awesome. The last thing my friend and I did was buy a hamburger for dinner, buy candy floss, and get a signature from CJ and Dillon. (NZ Breakers Basketball team)It was cool we got their signatures.

It was nearly 7:30 and we had no coins or notes left plus most of the rides closed. I said bye to all my friends and went in my car with my family. I can't wait until the next Gala.

By J.C

I hope you enjoyed my description about the School Gala

School Gala

At 4:30 the school gala started. This is our first gala ever. Most of the stalls were already set up. People not even from our school came! There was a HUGE red SKOF slide,Mini Jeeps,Water Walkers and the Haunted House. The Haunted House was set up by our school teacher Mrs. Holmes. It was seriously scary. Cookie Bear,Mr. Whippy, Mitre 10 and Cadbury supported our gala. Cookie Bear organised a teacup a ride, a mini Pirate Ship and Laughing Clowns. Our school also supported the gala. Children bought cakes,cupcakes,books,food,plates,burgers,hot chips and donuts. Since the gala was during dinner time, there were also drinks,croissants,Thai curry,sushi and meat. I met my friends there near the bike rack. My little brother played with all my friends. Kids under five don't have much to do there. That is why Mitre 10 Mega set up a bouncy castle for 5 year olds and under. Someone set up a Lolly Store. They sold sour powder power,slushies,sour rainbow strings, soda guns,wine gums,milk bottles,lollipops and chocolate fudge. There was a Kapa Haka performance by our school. Then there were cheerleaders from junior to senior performing. A family sold raffle tickets. At the end people gave away free Tutti Frutti popcorn and normal popcorn. Mr. Whippy sold FREE ice-cream! Here are two stalls I haven't talked about yet, the book stall and the Break a Plate stall.

The School Gala

It was the school gala and everything there was awesome. There was a SKOF slide, a teacup ride and a pirate ship ride. There was also a haunted house which was extremely scary, laughing clowns, and mini Jeeps were there (little cars) and water walkers. Everything was so cool. I went on the teacups, haunted house twice and I went on the SKOF slide. There were some stalls as well. There were stalls that sell drinks, books, ethnic foods, burgers, cupcakes, cakes, donuts and lots more. My mum was a volunteer and she helped with the Pineapple Thai beef curry which is part of the ethnic foods.Some of my friends were there. Ye Xin was there, Kayla was there, Jueun was there.There were a lot of performances. The was there and they did a dance. Cheerleaders were there and did a cheerleader cheer and our school kapahaka did kapahaka. The school gala was so much fun that is why I want another one.

By Ellie

Monday, March 19, 2012

Guess How I am Feeling

I’ve got butterflies in my tummy. I feel like a hammers pounding in my head. My hands are covering my mouth and my face is turning green. Yucky brown-green stuff is coming out of my mouth. It feels horrible when it comes out. OH NO! I think I will do it again. I hate it when this happens.

By Rory

Guess How I Am Feeling

It is time to do the performance, I walked slowly. My body was so sweaty and slippery. My hands slipped away from each other. The performance started. It was like butterflies were in my stomach. My heart started pounding in my chest. I took a big breath; it kind of helped me. I hoped no one laughs at me. “My costume looks funny” I thought. I don’t want to wear my costume. I looked funny because. I was a clown with a big red nose. It was fun in the end.

By Dylan


At home my brother calls me names. When my brother calls me names I feel angry. Sometimes my little sister is annoying but not all the time. My big brother is sometimes annoying too. My brothers are always calling me names and I don’t like them doing that. Sometimes it’s funny, but not all the time. My brother is sometimes good to me. He is sometimes annoying.


Oteha Valley Schools Twilight Gala

On Friday afternoon at 4.30 pm I came to school. It was like a carnival. I went to the haunted house straight away. I went in with Dylan. As soon as we stepped in we heard screaming. It was so dark. People jumped out of the middle of nowhere. Dylan fell over and people started stepping on him (Ouch!) Then we came out. Next I went on the super SKOF slide, just like the one at Lollipops. It took a long time to go up. After that I did Smash the Plate. You are suppose to smash the plate with a cricket ball. I got a lollipop because I hit the plates. My friend and I went to the silent auction and he won Rainbows End tickets for $65. I did other fun stuff and then went home.

By Thomas

Friday, March 16, 2012

How Was I Feeling?

I went to mini-golf and when I hit the ball I hit it so hard it went into another course. Everybody looked at me and laughed at me. My face was burning. I ran inside to hide from all the laughing people. Finally they stopped laughing and I went outside. I had my second try and I hit it a little bit this time. I felt better.
By Francois

Show Not Tell

The whistle blows; the ball gets kicked from the middle of the field. My soccer teams coach calls from the side line,
“Come on you can do this it’s your first game”.
My coach put me in mid field one of my favourite positions.
I was one of the fastest people in my team. I got a stitch. It is one-all for the score. It’s three quarters of the game.
Now it’s the end of the game. My friend Sam passes the ball to me I go for a shot, and I score with ten seconds left. The parents cheer. My mum and dad are really happy for me.
By Blake

Guess How I Was Feeling

I was struggling to talk and I fell on the floor. Every one stared at me what my cousin said was so funny. People asked what was wrong.
Then I bumped my head. After that my other cousin started laughing
Then my cat stared at us I started to crawl. I really needed to go to
The bathroom but it was dinner time. I put food in my mouth.
He did it again! Food splattered out of my mouth.

By Niki

Guess How I Am Feeling?

I`m in the house and I am all alone. Mum`s at the supermarket, Dad`s at work, and my brothers are at their friends house I can`t sit still when I`m watching TV. I start moaning and groaning and I`m getting stressed at all times. I can hardly eat my breakfast and all I do is stare out the window and throw baseballs at the wall.
The phone starts ringing and I pull out the plug and I get angry to sad. I run around in circles screaming at the top of my lungs. Then I bang my fist on the table, shaking everything. I yawn over and over again. I felt like a broken doll in a rubbish chute.
I sighed as I stared out the window imagining what I would have seen outside in the mist. Then I saw Mum, Dad, and my brothers outside in the street. I read a few books and watched TV. Finally they came in the house. I wondered what would happen next.

By Jueun

What Is My Emotion?

I feel my hands clench together into fists. I feel the energy rush through me. I yell and stomp my foot on the ground as I scrunch up my face. I hear people telling me to stop but I don`t listen. I block the world from my mind and open my fists. I let the energy rush out through my fingers but for some reason I still feel enraged like an angry lion. I think what would happen if I did this, would I get in trouble or would I get away with it? I ask that question over and over again in my mind like a broken tape recorder. I hear one half of my brain telling me to stop and the other half telling me go ahead, no big deal, it`ll be fine. Fortunately I listen to the right side and calm down. I count to ten and walk away.
What is my emotion?

By Jordan

Show Not Tell

My whole body was shaking, like jelly. I couldn’t stand up straight. I was sweating madly as my mum was driving me to my new school. My heart was beating like a drum. I wanted to run and hide. As I walked out of the car I had butterflies in my stomach, I felt really sick and had a headache. As I walked into the class everyone greeted me with stony silence. When the teacher came up to me I stood there quietly looking at her. As I sat down everybody started looking at me.
“What should I do now?” I said in my head.
I introduced myself to the person next to me and then I started making new friends.
By Madison

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Can You Guess How I Am Feeling?

We have been learning to describe how we are feeling wih out telling the reader. Can you guess how i am feeling?

I was walking down the path and I saw a monkey. What the???? Why is there a monkey on the path in the corner? It was very weird. I wonder if it is nice. It was strange. It was scared but I wasn’t.
I went up to it and it jumped on me, I guess it liked me. When we got home it saw the chess board and it started playing it. Then it saw my homework and then the monkey started to do my homework for me and it got everything right.
I didn’t know what to say. He could do everything that a human can do. He was a smart monkey. It was so so.... Before I could say anything, he put on my brothers clothes. It was around night time and he ate my brother’s food and went into my brother’s bed. It was very strange. But I saw a zipper at the back of him and I pulled it down and it was a person??? It was my brothers fooling me.

By S.R

The Night of the Whales

It was summer and The Night of the Whales. The dusk was as pink as a flamingo. I had never seen anything like it. There were sharks, whales and dolphins and for the first time ever they hadn’t attacked each other.
My mouth dropped open. It felt like everything around me started spinning. My palms were sweaty and my hands dropped everything.
“I, I, I saw dolphin!” I whispered.
My mother said, “It’s a bottle nose dolphin.” My mind went blank but my heart went gold. I got to pat it, it felt slimy.
There were more than just the animals mentioned - there were also sting rays and jellyfish
By C.K

Christmas Thoughts

We have been learning to describe how we are feeling without telling the reader. Can you guess how i am feeling?

I told myself it was Christmas Day so I went out of my room and gave my mum a hug. I then... opened our Christmas presents. The first amazing present was for Tim and he got an iTunes card, iPod touch and iPod speakers. Afterwards my mum opened her surprising presents and she got a Microsoft and Windows card, iTunes card and a laptop. It was finally my turn to open my presents and I got an iPod touch, iPod speakers and a laptop. Afterwards Nic opened his presents and he got a fishing rod.
After we opened our presents we went to a friends house and we had Christmas lunch and opened presents there. One of my presents was a craft set, smiggle pencil case, a drink bottle and even a huge, cuddly soft toy. From my friend's friend I got a lip gloss and lip balm set.
After that I went to open my presents at my dad's house, and I got some books and board games. Last of all we all went to my grandad's house and opened some presents there and mine was a box of chocolates and a Farmers card.

End of the Rainbow

I heard a loud banging sound at the back of the car. My dad was trying to close the boot. I told him to take out the huge vine plant. So he took it out and put it in the garden. In the car I was sitting with my 4 year old friend Rolland and my 11 year old friend Tiffany. In the front seat my sister was sitting there texting her friend Georgia. My dad opened the car door and said “Let’s go!” When we got to Rainbow’s End I immediately opened the door, one step and I could smell glorious candy filling the air. Rolland shouted,
 “Look at the bird!”
 I said “That’s a huge bird!”
Above our heads flew a beautiful white bird. Its wings were about the size of 1 and ¼ of my head. We went to the entrance and my dad gave the women our tickets. Another woman stamped our hands. The stamp said F.P. We saw Rolland’s mum and dad and Tiffany’s mum and aunty.
The 9 of us went to the first ride that caught our eye. It was the journey ride. The ride ended in about 2 minutes. It was about 6 we decided to go on the Pirate Ship. It felt like I was about to vomit. We were rocking so high I got winded.
After the ride we went to CASTLE which is a park for 4 to 11 year olds. Rolland, Tiffany and I were basically the only ones playing. We first played Mini Fear Fall. There were four seats on it, my sister joined us. It went up and down and up and down and up and down and... you get the point. After we got off the Mini Fear Fall we went to the Invader.
Here is the list of rides we did: the Gold Rush and Bumper Cars - which had a really long line, Log Flume, Power Surge, Motorboats and the Corkscrew Rollercoaster.
 In between the Log Flume and the Power Surge, we had dinner. All I had were chocolate donuts and fish with chips. All of our parents went to Joe’s Buffet Line. They all got the same dish. In the dish there was salad, butter and bread,2 lamb chops and a selection of wine. Tiffany and Rolland ordered some non- spicy samosas and some coke. My sister ordered noodles and salty fries. For drinks my sister and I drank some Fanta.
At about 10:30pm we hit the Gift Shop. I bought a yellow Rainbow’s End top and a dark blue Rainbow’s End cap. I also bought a flashing Rainbow’s End wand.
At 11 we all went home.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guess How I Am Feeling

The Invader was one of the coolest rides at Rainbow’s End. As I climbed onto the platform I was so excited that my knees were trembling. While l was waiting in the queue, I thought, “It will be a very exciting ride!” Finally, when it was my turn, I hopped onto the dark-blue machine. It started when everyone was strapped in and ready. It got faster and faster, until all of the riders, including me and Dad, were shrieking as the ride swirled around the blue track taking us all with it! Finally, the ride slowed down and came to a stop. We all staggered off the Invader, which was now swirling other people around its fast track.

By Kayla

Show Not Tell

I was freaking out, my heart was pumping fast. My whole body was sweating and I was shaking. Suddenly I ran and hid behind a chair then everyone started laughing. All around me I heard laughter - Ha ha ha ha ha HA!!!!!! My stomach felt like there were giants moving around inside. I couldn’t bear to face the crowd. Then suddenly the laughter vanished like thin air, because there was a girl on stage singing like a kea. Everyone there was so enchanted by her voice that she blushed red. Then she finished and everyone was quiet. Afterwards she went back behind the curtains and a joker came out of the curtains. After a while I knew why everyone was laughing at me, that was because I was I was supposed to be a joker – I’d done the wrong thing. I went out of my place where I was hiding after the other joker went back in the curtains. Then I started telling jokes and everyone started laughing again.
By Giane

Guess How I Was Feeling

My family went to my uncle’s house - there was a swimming pool. Liam and I were only two or three years old. My dad and mum were chatting to my uncle and we were playing tag. It was fun for a while then I asked my dad if I could go for a swim. I took my clothes off, and then I put one foot in and then the other foot. It was warm so I went down one step, then I went down another step... The water was past my head so I drowned! Travis saved me like he was a lifeguard.
I was crying when I came out.

How Am I Feeling?

As we watched the video, I had shivers and a trembling feeling travelling through my body. The movie was giving me a headache so I turned it off. “Hey!” said my friend as she walked over to the scooters. “Let’s go on these then,” she muttered slowly. I felt my pizza coming up as I flew in the wind. The cold breeze in my face was so soft and silky. As we went round a wiggly park, (now I could definitely feel my pizza). I saw teenagers; my friend whispered to me,
“Turn back now they are obviously up to something bad as you can see it in their faces.” I shivered several times as I turned around, “Let’s go home now” I answered.
How am I feeling?

By Zoe

Show not Tell

As I walked onto the stage I started to twirl and twirl. I had a smile on my face. I leaped and spun and the audience cheered. It felt great. I walked of the stage. I watched some of the other dancers dance while I was sitting on a chair. The other dancers ended it with a bow. It was so fun watching the other dancers dance. Then it was my turn to go back on stage. I spun around and jumped and landed in first. This is so fun I thought. I went off the stage. It was the end of the show and I went home. It was a really fun day. At home I danced more. It was one of the best days of my life.

By Ellie

Show Not Tell

I stepped into my room all I saw was with a big fat ugly troll sitting on the bed. I started screaming at her - it was my sister! I felt like a big monster with a volcano in my tummy. I ran down the stairs screaming, I was so upset because I had been cleaning my room for the whole afternoon. Would you like it if your brother or sister came in your room and messed it up? I bet not. Also, guess what! She did not even tidy it up! So I kept annoying Mum but she said she was too busy and Dad was at golf. So I was a troll and did to her room what she did to mine. Guess how I’m feeling?
By Nikita

Can You Guess How I Was Feeling?

The ride started, I couldn’t get off. I felt the safety belt, it squeezed me really hard. I saw my friends going round and round, we were getting dizzy. We looked like we were going to slip off our seats and fall on the concrete. We were very high above the ground; I heard screaming all around me. I felt the butterflies fluttering in my tummy. Finally it stopped, I felt very dizzy.

By Sana

Can You Guess How I Was Feeling?

I was in the airport saying goodbye to my family, my eyes were pouring out with tears. As I walked into the plane I thought what a lucky child I am, but I was not that lucky because I was leaving my friends and family. That night as I was going to sleep my mind just burst out with memories. I couldn’t stop thinking about my family. Then my dad, sitting next to me, said I must take deep breaths and relax. In the morning I woke up and ate my breakfast. Then my dad told me that we were in Dubai.

By Shanna

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Show Not Tell - Guess How I'm Feeling.

I was freaking out (in a good way). I stepped inside my room, because my parents said
’’Don’t go in there...’’
’’Why couldn’t I go in there my parents were frightening me Ohno!’’ I said to myself
That was what I heard them say or I just didn’t hear it properly. My heart was pumping faster than a cheetah running, faster than a person crying wait...that’s not even fast but you get the picture. I had an iPod!
OMG, I just could not believe that, I also had an alarm clock, radio, charger altogether. Then suddenly I heard footsteps
My sister said
’’Happy birthday big sis, I hope you enjoy your surprise gift.’’

By Manishka


My cheeks were as red as a rose; my face went from white to crimson. I had just done something in front of the whole school. The room went from silent to a type of fun house, people laughing at me everywhere I looked! I wanted to run! I wanted to hide! I wanted to yell - STOP!!!!!
By Taylor


It had been 2 hours since the clock chimed twelve. My friends were still having pillow fights and throwing pop-corn around, they were also playing loud thumping ROCK&ROLL music and were dancing around. The pattering feet were making a continuously annoying noise and tickling feathers from the pillows were wavering in front of my nose. HOW was I get to sleep? I shrunk deeper and deeper into my sleeping bag and YAWNED- mouth opening as wide as a hippopotamus. Looking around, I saw a pair of earmuffs. Quickly, my fingers crept out and reached for them. I nabbed it just before someone was going to see. Putting them on, I buried my head inside the blankets and slowly drifted off to sleep......

By: N.Z

Can You Guess How I Am Feeling?

We have been learning to describe our feelings without telling the reader

I told myself not to look down, I was at Tree adventures. I was so high up my hands were shaking. I thought the plank would collapse and the harness would break and I would fall. I felt like I was 100 metres in the air but I was only like 40 metre high. My head had a picture of nothing. I did not know what was going on. My friend Jordan helped me across; I was so relieved that I made it across.

By Thomas

Moody Moments . . .

As I slowly walked on the smooth grey path near the bakery I stopped, I sniffed the air. My tummy began to gurgle and grumble. As I stared at the food in the bakery my mouth began to water, sweat trembled down my cheeks. My tummy rumbled and squirmed even more, it wouldn’t stop. Before I knew my face was sitting right against the glass window. I licked my lips. I rubbed my hands together, sweat appeared. I couldn’t stop my nose, tummy, hands or sweat, it just kept carrying on. I couldn’t help it, plus there was nothing else to do, so I followed the delicious scent into the bakery.
By J.C

Monday, March 12, 2012

Can You Guess How Im Feeling?

We have been learning to describe how we are feeling without telling the reader.

I kept on pushing myself I couldn’t handle any more. I kept my place in fifth. One more lap to go I could do it. But soon I had to breathe through my mouth; and it felt so dry like a parched desert my legs felt like jelly. I could see the finish line barely on the horizon fifty strides and then I could make it. But for some reason my legs suddenly felt like steel blocks but I didn’t stop I kept on pushing myself and then just then... yes I did it I crossed the finish line!

By Manaal

Can You Guess How I Am Feeling?

We have been learining to describe how we are feeling without telling the reader. Can you guess how I am feeling?

I was in Samoa; my grandma gave me some raw fish. My stomach was grumbling at me, everyone was staring at me. I couldn’t move anywhere, unless someone would carry me. My stomach was grumbling more and more. I was thinking in my head, “Why did I ever eat that fish?”
I had butterflies in my stomach , my face was turning red, I was getting really hot and I couldn’t sleep. My brother had told me that everyone was praying for me to feel better.
I woke up the next morning; I was bouncing off the walls like nothing had ever happened to me last night.

By Hana-Maraea