Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dear Tsunami...

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Dear Tsunami...
You always turn up in a fashionable way. You don't recycle you just carry your rubbish anywhere. Once you're gone you leave the place in a bombsite like in WW1 and 2. Please just be you not the scareful monster.

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By Holly K

Dear Volcano...

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Dear Volcano...
Your killer lava destroys nature, it scares the native animals. You need to control your lava issues, taking it on our one and only enviroment won't help. Your angry ashes burn and kill all people, you need to practise your aim .I know it may be Valentines ,but please don't blow it .
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By Holly K

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Dangerous muncher
On a stormy winters day
On the cold smashed ground
When hot and cold air swaps

The Forest Fire

Rapidly eating things in its path
On a boiling hot summer day
In a lime green forest
A cigarete burns

By Nikita

The earthquake

shaking the tall buildings
on a hot peaceful day
destroying my home town
i think the earth is just banging together

by Genell 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013



       Angry Volcano

  • Destroying every thing in its way and around it 
  • lives in a village
  • an a hot and windy summer day 
  • it is angry so its spits out lava

Five W's Poem,Floods

Breaking homes
No one knows when
In california
Torrential rain

By Francois

The Great Avalanche

The Great Avalanche
Tumbling down a snowy mountain
This astonishing natural disaster is something that comes out of the blue
In the amazing Southern Alps
The reason is unknown

By Brooke

The Avalanche

Moving down a steep hill

Hitting debris as it goes

At Taupo lake



Picking up cars
One day only
In NewZealand
Why does the wind make these

By Kaeleb

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I AM A TREE Nobody considers me, but I'm really amazing. In Autum my wig falls off and in Spring I get a new one. Everybody just walks past me when really they should be gazing at me like I'm one of those fancy-shnancy pieces of art. I provide oxygen, worth more than money. Look after me. I'm priceless. By Bella.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013



Looks like a humungous lizard
Smells like poop
Stronger than hulk
Sounds like a jet engine

Feels like a rock

How to make an Apocalypse

A giant portal,
100 giant alien ships,
5 billion aliens,
5 billion alien weapons,
5 billion zombies,
5 billion empty graves.
That's how to make an Apocalypse!


It pours down the mountain,
Destroys everything in its path,
Crushes dreams, kills laughter,
No way to stop it, totally indestructible

My Dragon

With his fiery breath he can wipe out a whole forest. His wings spread like sunrise in the morning. I feel his scales as I slowly hop on his strong back. As we fly we zoom like the speed of light.

By Cooper

The Treasure

when you see a big treasure chest in side there will be .............................
ten pieces of gold
nine sparkling rubies
eight great pieces of silver
seven shining diamond
six big crystal
five awesome little pearls
four old little sparkling gems
three died spidpers
two golden crowns
and one big treasure map

by Genell

A Poem of Peace and War

Peace is quiet and calm
It tastes like a freshly baked cake
It sounds like hippy music
It smells like flowers in blossom
It looks like the peace sign on banners
Peace lives in a war free zone

War is a bomb site
It tastes like smoke
It sounds nothing like peace
It smells horrible
It looks like a wounded soldier
War lives by its self

By Brooke

my 10 things poem

10. chocolate bars 9. ice-cream tubs 8. lolipops 7. chocolate coins 6.pieces of fudge 5. moose cans 4. ice blocks 3. cakes 2. fizzydrinks 1. cookie

My Safari Poem.

I went on a safari and I saw 10 leopards leaping through the shady forest.
9 spider monkeys swinging on the big green vines.
8 giraffes chomping on at the tall trees.
7 elephants stomping on the muddy ground.
6 deers drinking the glittering oasis.
5 lions catching their prey.
4 tigers sleeping in the big green bushes.
3 zebras scampering across the ground.
2 jaguars screeching in the wind.
1 snake slithering up a tree.

By Izzy

Dear Volcano by James

Why does your firey roar shriek across the lands?
Why does your molten lava flood and sear through the homes of inoccent people?
Why do you use all of your rage to spit out your flaming rocks of death?
By James

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

War and Peace

It smells like gunpowder
It sounds like gun shots
It feels like everything is turning grey
It looks like a raging fire
It lives in an abandoned field

It smells like flowers blooming in spring air
It tastes like a cold drink on a summers day
It sounds like cheers of happiness
It feels like a soft, fluffy pillow
It looks like tears of joy
It lives in my heart

By Jana

How Slime teleported to Minecraft and was defeated by Steve

                                                                     Part 3
It was getting dark so i closed my door and started waiting for morning. It was the worst night I've ever had, I couldr zombie moans and creepers hissing all night. So i decided to get out of this place. There were to many mobs spawners around here. I was walking and walking, and walking. Then I found a desert. I was starting to starve. And then I saw a desert temple.  I went in there. I broke the pressure plate so I dont step on it and die, because I knew that there was TNT under it. So I looked in the 1st chest and I found 18 bones and 4 golden ingots. Now I can craft golden boots. YAY!!! I opened the 2nd chest and I found 1 iron ingot and 12 cooked porkchops. In the 3rd chest I found 9 iron ingots and a golden apple. I opened the last chest and I found 5 diamonds and 3 bones. I heard steps behind me. I turned around.
To be continued from part 4

Friday, August 2, 2013

Dragon attack

"Whoosh" a gust of misty air licked my forid."Boom!" What was that ghastly noise. I turn around and I get the fright of my life,dragons are attacking;I sprinted the leaves groaned at every step I took."Whizz" a fire ball shot through the air at great speed,and when it hit the soft ground the trees caught flames like a deadly disease."Roar!" A dragon has spotted me with its eagle eye,I thought I was up for sudden death;The terrible dragon had shiny light green scales,that could probably blind you in one look;"Gulp" the second I sighted the dragons mouth I felt paralyzed in fear,the dragon's teeth were a big as menhirs and as sharpas machetes."Whizz" "Whizz" another 2 fire balls sail through the air,1goes astray, but alas I get hit by the second.My skin is screaming with pain.I take my last final breath then all life has drained from me and I take my final stand at the dragon's nest as supper.

By Hamish Smith.

How Slime teleported to Minecraft and was defeated by Steve (Part 2)

I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't get back to my family,my house,world. It started getting cold so I started getting wood and making wooden planks. I knew that the 1st thing to make, is a house. Then I had to make a crafting table to make a door and some wooden tools. Then I went out of my house to take a look around. I was in the snow biome.So I grabbed out my shovel and started making a stairway down into the ground.The only stuff that I found was stone and 11 pieces of coal. I went back to my house and make some torches. I didn't wanna kill sheep for wool so I wanted to find to iron first to make shears.  To be continued from Part 3.
By Illya

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Poem of Love and Hate


Love is a brilliant hot pink

It smells like hot cocoa on a cold day

It tatses like melted marshmallows

Love sounds like a rooster crowing

It feels like a warm room in winter

It looks like snow falling gently on to the ice

Love lives in someones heart!



Hate is a rough navy blue

It smells like revenge brewing up

It tastes like burnt pikelets

Hate sounds like bones clicking

It feels like mushy peas in my hands

It looks like an angry wilderbeast

Hate lives alone in a box!

By Brooke