Important Information

Days to Remember
Reading Log Due - Monday
Library - Monday
Kiwi Sport - Tuesday
Homework Due - Thursday
Homework Sent Out - Friday  
Spelling Mastery Tests (If required) - Friday

Inquiry Topic This term our Inquiry topic is Health Matters.  Our focus question is “Being Healthy Means...”   This topic  focuses mainly on the Health component of the curriculum but includes some links to Science and Social Studies.  It also relates to our year long focus on “What Matters?” We will be exploring allergies, diseases, self esteem and how different parts of our body works. Later in the term the children will have an opportunity to visit the Life Education caravan to support their Inquiry research.

Mathematics This term we will be focusing on Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions and Decimals and Measurement -Angles, Capacity and Volume .

Kiwi SportBeginning in Week 2 the children will participate in weekly Basketball lessons.  This programme will run for 6 weeks.

CommunicationOur class web page is a good source of information and it is updated regularly. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  The best way to do this is via email as I am often required to attend meetings both before and after school.  
My email address is
Getting Organised 
Classrooms open at 8:15am.  Please ensure your child is at school by 8:40am so they have time to get themselves organised and unpacked before the bell rings at 8:50am.  In Year 6 your child should be taking responsibility for packing and unpacking their own bags, organising their belongs, handing in money and return slips, etc.  We are keen to encourage independence and punctuality.

Please ensure your child is aware of the arrangements for after school as this can cause some confusion at times. 
Hats and Shoes 
Children are required to wear hats when they are outside during Term One and Four.  No hat means they are unable to play outside and this can also make things difficult at Fitness and PE times.  Hats should be at school every day - even if it is cloudy or raining.  Please make sure hats are named and that they have their cords still attached.

Children’s shoes need to be suitable for PE and fitness activities.  As the children take their shoes off during the day it is important to ensure that shoes are clearly named.
Brain Food and Water Bottles 
Brain food needs to be a healthy snack that is easy to eat whilst your child is working as we don’t usually stop for brain food.  Examples of brain food include: fruit, vegetables, nuts or plain popcorn.  Items such as yoghurt and jelly,  although healthy, can become quite messy when books are involved and are best saved for morning tea or lunch.

Children need to bring a named water bottle that they can use in class.  This is particularly important during the summer months.

Stationery All stationery items need to be named and this includes each individual pen, pencil, etc.  This is particularly important as with most items looking the same, it is difficult to determine who to return them to if they are inadvertently left somewhere.
We would also like to encourage you to cover your children’s books as this helps keep them in good condition.
Any money that comes to school should be placed inside an envelope and clearly marked with your child’s name and what the money is for.  This ensures that money is not lost in transit, streamlines the collection process and helps to prevent mistakes.

If your child has a phone at school we are not able to take any responsibility for it and it needs to remain off and in their bag.
Homework goes home on a Friday and is due back at school on Thursday.

Reading Logs are to be handed in on Monday morning - they will be ready to go home on Monday afternoon.
Remember detailed information has been provided in the form of an instruction sheet glued in the front of your child's Homework book.     
The children should be practising their Spelling as per the instructions in their Homework book.  When your child has completed all of the lists for a particular level and you feel that they are ready for a mastery test, please let me know by writing a note either in their Reading Log or their Homework book. As it isn't practical in a busy classroom for me to be testing children every day I usually administer mastery tests on Fridays.
Make sure your child is reading every night and that they remember to fill out their Reading Log. At this age we expect the children to be taking responsibility for filling out their Reading Log, using the comments section to share their opinions about the reading material.  There are starter sentences in the Reading Log to help with this and I have discussed these with the children.  I will check Reading Logs on a Monday and will sign the the log so you know that it has been seen by me.  
Basic Facts are intended to be committed to memory so that they become instant knowledge rather than something that needs to be figured out. The sheet in the back of their Homework book is intended to cover the whole term.  Your child needs to focus on one column per week, as indicated on the grid in the front of their book.  Testing will take place on Fridays and your child will record their test result on the graph in the back of their book.