Friday, August 6, 2010

Room 16’s Hundredth Day of School.

On the Hundredth Day of school we made hundredth day hats with 100 things on them and the number 100 on the front. Mrs McGhie has made hats like this before with her last year's class and they were so popular she thought we’d like to make them too. When we visited Room 4’s blog we saw that they had made 100 Day hats too so we were quite excited about that! We counted to a hundred. We visited other classes blogs and saw what other classes had done for their hundredth day at school. We did lots of activities like a 100 dot to dot and playing 100 games on the wiki. Our class watched a video on Youtube. It had people from the age of 1 to 100 playing the drums. (Thanks to Room 4 Waiuku Primary for this video link). Some of the people in the video had to sit and some could stand. Some were tall and some were small. We read poems about 100. We also changed all the different parts of our Calendar Maths to show 100, such as our Place Value Houses, our Tally Chart and our Place Value Money.

By BHF & Mrs Mc

Hearing Aids!

Some of the children in Frogs reading group have been reading all about hearing aids and how they work.  They also asked some of the experts in Room 14 to help clarify any information they were unsure about.  They created this summary of all of their new learning.

People that can‘t hear properly needs hearing aids. Hearing Aids help them to hear properly. Hearing Aids are things that people put behind their ears. This blog post explains how they work. Hearing aids are powered by a battery. Hearing Aids have lots of things on them like: an ear hook, an amplifier, microphone, volume control, on/off switch, battery and ear mould. That is all the things that are on a hearing aid. Hearing Aids are about $1000. You can buy them at the place where you get your ears tested – the hearing clinic. There are lots and lots all over the world. Hearing Aids are never found in two dollar shops because they are so expensive. Our ears get infections. If your ear gets an infection it is best to go to the hearing clinic. Hearing Aids can not be put in water otherwise they will stop working. They have to get a raincoat or umbrella or hat when it is raining to keep the hearing aid covered. Hearing Aids are easily broken so you have to take very good care of them.

Written by HM & IL

Illustrated by JB & KMcC