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Raft building at Camp Adair

"This is freezing!" I said, as we pulled our raft down the icy river. My shoes were already filling up with water making them squelchy and heavy. We had just spent the last half-hour making a raft from four plastic barrels, twelve bumpy bamboo poles and long lengths of rope. The finished product was quite good, and looked something like this:
Since the point of a raft is to keep people afloat, we were going to be trying it out. Once the raft was far enough in the water (and we were knee deep) Martin (our instructor) told us to hop on. After some commotion everyone was settled on different points on the raft and Martin grabbed a long bit of the rope attached to a pole of bamboo. 'Camp Adair is great!' I thought to myself as Martin began to guide the raft down the river. 'I'm so glad I came!' 

As we travelled along, ice cold water gushed around our legs. Then we came to a stop. "See that tree over there?" Martin called to us. "I have a leaf collection and I need one from that tree to complete it. So far I haven't been able to get one. Can you?"
Everyone started to kick in the opposite direction of the tree, propelling us closer to the tree. Once we reached it, Jana grabbed a leaf and exclaimed "got one!" Martin started to walk backward, hauling the raft with him. But it wouldn't move any farther than five metres. "We're stuck!" Someone shouted. "Then you guys will have to hop off here" Martin said, hauling the raft sideways toward the bank. We clambered up the grassy surface and helped him drag the raft out of the river. After thanking him, we trudged back to camp, the thought of dry clothes and warm milo in our heads.
By Grace

Thursday, November 28, 2013

3 days of exciting activities(camp recount)

Rambo Bridge
“How can Alannah do that?” I thought. Alannah was doing the sit ups on the bridge! After doing the sit ups she crawled upside down under the bridge and did the possum! Everyone was amazed by what Alannah did. When she came down from the bridge, everybody crowded around Alannah. Soon it was my turn to go on the Rambo bridge.

Once I went up the bridge, it was like standing on the edge of a Sky Tower :D It looked easy when I was on the ground but it was difficult to move an inch when got up there. Someone (that I don't remember) told me to hold the tree with your left hand and hold the rope with your right hand. I slowly switched hands, shuddering. I took one step towards the other side of the tree. I kept walking until I reached the middle of the bridge, and then I asked my instructor, ET 'can you pull me down?' ET asked me if I was sure and I said I was. But once I came down, I kind of regretted that I came down so early.

When my group was doing camp cooking, Mrs McGhie went up the Rambo bridge because of the deal Mrs McGhie and James made. She looked horrified but Mrs McGhie made it to the middle and she came down looking like a ballerina.

Raft Building
“Can you check my helmet Martin?” I asked. As soon as Martin was done checking someone else, he checked my helmet and my life jacket. After checking everyone's helmets, he showed our group how to plan what our raft was going to look like with rocks and sticks. He said to imagine that the rocks are barrels and sticks are bamboo sticks. Holly M came up with a plan and most of our group agreed. After planning we got on to real building. Martin taught  us how to tie ropes properly so they don't get loose while we are on it. He asked us to have a try tying the ropes with a partner and I tied the bamboo and barrels together with Amalie. Once our raft was ready to go, everyone dragged the raft toward the freezing river. 

The river was as cold as the North Pole. The ice cold water made goosebumps around my skin. When I went up the raft I was a little relieved. However Izzy couldn't get up the raft because it got deeper and she couldn't jump up. When the raft tilted, nearly all the girls screamed (including me). Once the raft came back, we were all exhausted with bright smiles on our face.

Rock Climbing
I  didn't know what to do. My muscles were burning so hard. I closed my eyes and I lifted my left leg on to the next step. I nearly slipped but because I quickly let go my my right hand and grabbed the round shaped handle, I was safe. I continued to climb and finally I touched the number which was located on the top of the snormous wall. I let everything go and the helpers slowly let me down to the ground. After my turn on the rock climbing, I changed spots with one of the helpers. 

Once the next person went up, I slowly leaned back and started walking backwards. After every single person had a turn, I tried the bump course because I went on the flat course before. It looked pretty easy from the ground and like always, it was hard :D! My muscles were burning even more than last time. I was stuck on the bumpy bit for nearly a minute. I was yelling for help inside my brain ;o But I heard someone cheering and reached the crocodile-looking handle. After the bumpy bit, it was easy as pie :) I felt proud of myself for touching both of the numbers on both of the courses :D

Mud Slide
The water wasn't going at first and people had to walk down the slide. But then Nicole's dad made the water go so people were really fast at going down. People told me that the ground of the mud pool is disgusting and slimy. When I had a turn on the slide my body was hurting because I got bumped by the rocks that were covered by the black plastic shhet. I splashed went into the pool, it was freezing! The bottom was disgusting like the people told me. The mudslide was amazing, fun, awesome and last of all it was FREEZING.

Confidence Course
“Ewwww...” I said to myself. We had to go over and under logs with mud everywhere. My togs were covered in brown mud. After a few obstacles, we had to hang onto the tyres and jump to the next tyres without falling down into the mud. Luckily, I didn't fall in the mud, but we all had to help Isabel go across. In the middle of the course, I wondered if the mud actuaally had some poo contained in it. Because the smell of the mud attacked my nose. 

After nearly all the fantastic obstacles, Chantelle said to put one of our arms under your legs and use the other hand to hold the arm of the person infront of you. In a second, everysingle girl was in a weird position. After finishing the weird 'position making', we had to walk across a bunch of tyres filled with slimy mud. The time when we nearly finished, someone accidently let go og hand with another person and unfortunately Chantelle saw the hands letting go and she told us we had to start again. Chantelle gave us a little tip: 'use teamwork'. People said 'left, right, left, right' so we could keep the speed of I legs going properly. After the tyre walk, we were told to go in a pool of poo smelling mudpool and go under the rope that was hanging in the middle of the pool.

If we touched the rope we had to stick our face under the mud. Unfortunately, I touched the rope and I had to stick my face under the stinking, poo coloured mud. Once I came out of the mud, I could taste clay in my mouth. When everyone got out, Chantelle led us to the pigsty to rub mud off our body. The confidence course was AWESOME!(and a little bit smelly too).


Allergies are a big problem on earth right now. Allergies happen when you eat something or smell something and your body thinks its bad for you. That's called an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction is when an allergen goes into your body and it reacts by coughing,sneezing,itching and really rarely dying. An allergen is something that your body causes a reaction for. A lot of people have allergies these days .I have done a survey around my classroom  and 75% of people have allergies, 20% of people don't have allergies and 5% of people weren't sure if they had allergies or not. The most common allergies are Hayfever (caused by pollen, mostly from hay), peanut allergy, bee allergy and drug allergy. I hope now you know more about allergies. Thank you for reading.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Flying High

My heart was racing, my head was pounding, and sweat was slithering down my back as my turn on the Rambo had come up. The Rambo Bridge was a humongous tree with a big log attached to it. I took a deep breath...That didn’t help. I gulped in a whole heap of smoke and burnt pancakes. YUK! I looked behind me and saw another group cooking. “It’s your turn James”, Yelled the instructor. As I approached the ladder my legs were shaking. “I can do this, I can do this”, I thought to myself. I started to climb up. I felt like the world was going in slow motion as I was climbing. Suddenly I gave up. I couldn’t go any more. My legs Said,”Stop! “. “Can I come down now?” I said nervously. He didn’t hear. “Um can I come down now!? “Sorry what?” Said the instructor. It was no point he wouldn’t hear. I tugged the rope to say I’ve had enough. The instructor told me to jump down. I didn’t refuse I jumped and landed safely. “So anyone for second turns?” I sighed and said, No thanks.

The next activity was raft building,”It can’t be that bad”, I thought. I was wrong the girls were running and pushing whatever was in their way. “To see what I thought” I thought. My eyes widened. Sheep! Sheep! What on earth would you want to see sheep for all they do is eat, sleep and poop Raft buildings far more interesting”, I said in disgust. I sighed and walked away. First things first, safety, we put on life jackets and helmets. Then we had to build a raft included: 4 barrels, bamboo and rope. My group planned what it would look like. To be honest my plan was far more interesting but then again, “ 1 vs. 6 girls” I thought. “Ok this is how you tie a knot” said the instructor. I didn’t listen and soon enough the time came. Time to tow in the boat. COLD IN THE CROTCH! I felt my legs go numb and the water was so cold it stung. “Oh no! Instructor please stop talking!” I thought. I was in agony.”

“No I won’t do it I just won’t do it”, I said nervously. “C’mon do it. If you do the flying kiwi I will do the Rambo bridge”, said Mrs McGhie, “By the way I’m scared of heights”. That made things easier but I still couldn’t decide. I felt like the world depended on me. It was a hard decision I didn’t want to do it but I wanted Mrs McGhie to do the Rambo Bridge. In a flash I said yes. I was nervous but not as nervous as when I did the Rambo Bridge. I tried to make it look like I was messing up while putting on the harness; it didn’t make a difference. At least I was last. James your turn’s up! “What?!” I said in shock. “M-m-my turn? Really”, I said in confusion. I didn't know what was going on. I got hooked up to the rope and was ready. 3...2...1. GO! “Ahhhhhhhh”,I yelled. Woah this is awesome I had been fired straight up into the air. I started to come down. “ I wasn’t to do this again”, I shouted. “ Well this means I have to do the Rambo bridge but good job!”, said Mrs McGhie. Wow from being so nervous to do it again!

Go Mrs McGhie! Go Mrs McGhie!”, yelled everyone. Mrs McGhie took off her glasses and started to climb up the Rambo Bridge. Mrs McGhie bolted up and in no time she was up. I could tell Mrs McGhie was terrified. She started walking across very nervously. Mrs McGhie got about half way and stopped she was too scared. Wow! When she came down upside down! “yeah!!!”yelled everyone once again. “Mrs McGhie that was an awesome deal”, I said “That was a huge deal”, Mrs McGhie replied.

By James

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Health Matters -

It is important to learn about allergies so that we can recognise them in ourselves and others, know what to do and how to treat them, and how to get help when needed.

It is important to learn about diseases so that we can recognise them, prevent them if possible, know how to treat some of them, support others with diseases and understand how and why they happen.

It is important to learn about self esteem so that we can support others and not make things worse, so that we can feel good about ourselves and know how to improve our own and others self esteem.

It is important to know about our body and how it works so that you know what your body is able to do so you look after it properly and you know how to take care of it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

100 Word Challenge


My parents had just put me to bed. I was in my pitch black room. I could hear crunching and rustling from outside my bedroom window. I could hear tapping from tree branches against my wall.

From in the hall I could hear footsteps, they were getting louder and louder. From the bottom of my door I could make out feet. I could see mr door handle twist one way and then the other. My bedroom door started, very slowly opening...

And then I saw a bright light, shining in my eyes. A black figure walked right up to my bed. It was just standing there.

By Holly M

Friday, September 20, 2013

100 word challenge

I woke up in terror, I felt like everything was going to hurt me after what had happened. I was shaking in horror, I just couldn't forget about it.

I was in my room, I could hear the roaring fire grow as my family screamed. I froze, I did nothing. The burning building started to collapse. I quickly jumped out of my window. I smacked onto the cold hard ground below. I couldn't move and then I saw a bright light. The next thing I knew I woke up here in a hospital. I got told where my family, they were gone and I was alone.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

100 Word Challenge

It was midnight, the darkest night of the year. I was walking through the back allies of London thinking why am I doing this? There was only one reason, I had lost my parents during the day and I was trying to find them. I turned a corner and then I saw a bright light, it was a torch, the brightest I had ever seen. My parents were so happy to find me and I was too. I was only 4 when that happened and to find my parents was the BEST thing that had happened to me ever!

100 word challenge

I was walking down the street it was dark and empty.
It was a ghost town! I am lost, I am scared, I am alone.
"Who's that? What's there? Where am I?"
And then I saw a bright light!
It was blinding and hurting my eyes.
"Don't worry young one you're safe with me"
His voice was familiar, rough and musty, but old and gentle.
I knew his voice from somewhere, but where?
But then something interrupted my thoughts.
“Come on kid get in the car, Mum’s waiting for us”

I had found my REAL FATHER!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Bullying is a verb, meaning: being mean and hurting someone. Bullying happens in schools, but it can also happen in adult life. This is not a just about hurting someone by saying something and it is not even hitting someone because you hate them. It is a crime, that you'll need to get punished. Bullying can cause the victim to commit suicide, and that's why it is a crime that you should never do in your life. Here are some different types of bullying.

Psychological Bullying
Usually bullying happens in schools. The bullies are trying to make their victim think they're useless, weird, and different from others. The bullies try to take the victims friends away to feel lonely. The bullies laugh at them, spread rumours, and etc. This is nearly invisible to the victims parents or their caregivers. A bully usually have sidekicks to make sure they're not alone, but sometimes the sidekick runs away and leave the bully all alone.

Cyber Bullying
Cyber bullying basically means 'online bullying'. It happens on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Bullying on internets can spread rumors quickly because if one of the bully post something that is not good for the victim. Then another person shares the photo and others can easily share too! That's the bad thing about cyber bullying. This happens to teenagers because 10 year olds can't join facebook or twitter. Cyber bullying collects more people to join the main bully to make the victim more uncomfortable.

Physical Bullying
Physical bullying is the most violent bullying. It is very hurtful of the victim. However, this bullying can stop easily because the victim's body might bleed from the bullies and their parents will notice easily.
Then the parents will put a stop to it. But the victim feels shy of themselves and wipe out all the evidance and just keep normal. Care about your child more to make them have happy, good adulthood.

As it says on the top paragraph bullying is nearly invisible from the victim's parents. Therefore, bullying can cause many problems in the future. Getting bullied is not a shy thing so be confident and speak to the bullies, and tell an adult that you trust. Get some trusted friends to help you out with the bullies. If you see someone getting bullied maybe you can help the victim to get out of the bullies. If you get an email that seems like bullying resend it to your parents so you have evidence, and tell them don't send any of this stuff. Hope you are not getting bullied!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How Slime Teleported to Minecraft and was Defeated by Steve

                                                               Part 7
I was in a dark place deep underground there was lava and fire everywhere. I turned around and I saw Zombie Pigmen. I also saw a Nether Stronghold. I went in it. There was a Blaze. I knew I had to kill it but I didn't know how to. I circled by himand attacked him. It didn't take long to kill him so I took his rod and jumped back into the portal.
 blaze by DasterEndermanalbino on DevinArt. 

How Slime Teleported to Minecraft and was Defeated by Steve

                                                                  Part 6
I woke up again. "Time to go mining" I thought. So I grabbed my Diamond Pickaxe, my Diamond Sword and 10 cooked porkchops. I walked down the stairs in my mineshaft. I started mining. And guess what I found-a ravine with a STRONGHOLD!!! I went into it and I just needed 1 eye of ender to finish the portal. I started looking for obsidian to go to the Nether to find Blazes to get Blaze rods to make Blaze powder to make an eye of ender. So I started mining the obsidian that I just found. I went back to my house. I made the portal took my flint and steel and it made the purple particles appear. I jumped in.

How Slime Teleported to Minecraft and was Defeated by Steve

                                                                    Part 5
I woke up. There was something strange outside the door. I took my diamond sword out and slowly opened the door. Ahhhhhhhh! It was something green and weird. It was trying to jump on me. I ran back inside took my bow out and got out from the back door. It saw me. I had to climb on the tree. I was saved! I started shooting the green slimy thing. When it just died there were 4 smaller ones of those. "Doesn't matter I thought". So I jumped of the tree and locked in my house. I was tired. And then I got an idea. I broke the window and started shooting from my house. When they finally died I fall asleep again.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One Tree Hill Domain

This is One Tree Hill erupting. One tree hill is a volcano that erupted and lava that poured out made 3 huge craters. One of them was a normal crater (circle one) and the other two were horse shoe craters. It was fun learning about it!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

I met a dragon

I am looking around. Puffing. This forest is filled with tall trees that block my my sight and I can't see which direction I need to go in. I tried to find the way. However it just made me go deeper into the tall-tree forest. Suddenly a drop of rain raced down to my glassess and made me look for somewhere to cover myself from the rain. Suddenly a black stoney cave got caught in my eyesight. I quickly ran into the stoney cave without thinking. I breathed out air and I could feel breathe back.

 I was curious about the breath and my brain commanded my feet to creep deeper in. I couldn't control my body which wasn't a good sign. That might be an animal. Bear? Lion? About ten more seconds and I could see two bright lights. I wonder what it is.....?

 Soon I could see black dot in the middle of each lights. What could that be? A lamp with moth trapped inside? An eye? Eye? E...eye!!? I screamed  as hard as I could. I felt my whole mouth shaking. I was so confused. I dropped my whole body on the ground and my glasses slipped out of my face. I could feel my cheek burning and I was about to run away. 3...2...1..go!!! But oh gosh my legs fell asleep! All I could hear was growling from the unknown creature. I was saying bye to everyone in my mind.... I still couldn't figure out what creature was growling. In about 5 seconds I could see the skin of it. It looked green and rough. What could THAT be?? Soon I was saying "okay..I am going to be eaten by a cave-living crocodile...I didn't know my end of the life would be this mangy..... I gulped. Soon something weird was stuck next to the cave-living crocodile.....

HOLY DRAGONS!! Okay maybe I was wrong. I was going to get eaten by a dragon. I have never seen it before.

                                                      TO BE CONTINUED....

Dear tsunami

Dear tsunamicrashing down I like the way you lift and come crashing down I want you to not hit our ourhousecity can you tell the the plates to leave each other and not make you angry yours sincerly Dreyden

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Similes  @===|--------------->

The tornado was as fast as a cheetah riding a Bugatti on a lightning bolt
The tornado was like me in a spaceship in a black hole

The earth quake was rumbling like a giant jumping on the ground
The earthquake  is like a self destruct button on the earth being pushed

The eruption is as hot as putting boiling water on you
The eruption is like a the sun throwing fire at you

The flood is like god placed his pool over us
The flood is as cold as an ice block in the freezer

The drought is as dry as the Sahara desert
The drought is like pan on the earth

Natural disaster SIMILES!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dear volcano

Dear volcano
Your burning lava rushes down the hills.
It bubbles and explodes all over the place.
Your ashes settle down and starts to relax.
you leave everything in ashes and dust.
You burst without warning at first.
Why do you do it?
You  burn and kill.
It does not help us,
It does not even help you.

Dear Tsunami

Dear Tsunami
your strength and power kills and hurts.
you're too fast, you destroy what's in your way.
You cause loss of family.
You cause terror
and loss of hope.
You make people feel like they're in a washing machine.
Your current is too strong,
It'll pull us until our strength is gone

By Kirsty

The Tsunami

The Tsunami...
Destroying everything in its path...
On a hot Hawaiian morning...
For six scary hours...
Why? He's sending a message

By Holly K.

The swirling Tornado

The Swirling Tornado

Throwing debris in all directions
On a calm Californian day
For half an hour
Why? He hates pollution

By Holly K.

How Slime Teleported to Minecraft and was Defeated by Steve

Part 4 I saw the exactly the same copy of me. The only difference was that he had blank white eyes. I thought-Herobrine. I Knew that he didn't exist from 1.6.1. I didn't know what to do. I crouched behind a block, made a crafting table and then a diamond sword. I jumped out and started hitting Herobrine with my sword. He dissapeared. I made some iron armour and started walking back home. What a weird day was today-I thought as I was falling asleep
Minecraft: Herobrine by ~PHLJX on deviantART

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dear Tsunami...

powered by Fotopedia
Dear Tsunami...
You always turn up in a fashionable way. You don't recycle you just carry your rubbish anywhere. Once you're gone you leave the place in a bombsite like in WW1 and 2. Please just be you not the scareful monster.

From ...

By Holly K

Dear Volcano...

powered by Fotopedia
Dear Volcano...
Your killer lava destroys nature, it scares the native animals. You need to control your lava issues, taking it on our one and only enviroment won't help. Your angry ashes burn and kill all people, you need to practise your aim .I know it may be Valentines ,but please don't blow it .
From ...

By Holly K

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Dangerous muncher
On a stormy winters day
On the cold smashed ground
When hot and cold air swaps

The Forest Fire

Rapidly eating things in its path
On a boiling hot summer day
In a lime green forest
A cigarete burns

By Nikita

The earthquake

shaking the tall buildings
on a hot peaceful day
destroying my home town
i think the earth is just banging together

by Genell 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013



       Angry Volcano

  • Destroying every thing in its way and around it 
  • lives in a village
  • an a hot and windy summer day 
  • it is angry so its spits out lava

Five W's Poem,Floods

Breaking homes
No one knows when
In california
Torrential rain

By Francois

The Great Avalanche

The Great Avalanche
Tumbling down a snowy mountain
This astonishing natural disaster is something that comes out of the blue
In the amazing Southern Alps
The reason is unknown

By Brooke

The Avalanche

Moving down a steep hill

Hitting debris as it goes

At Taupo lake



Picking up cars
One day only
In NewZealand
Why does the wind make these

By Kaeleb

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I AM A TREE Nobody considers me, but I'm really amazing. In Autum my wig falls off and in Spring I get a new one. Everybody just walks past me when really they should be gazing at me like I'm one of those fancy-shnancy pieces of art. I provide oxygen, worth more than money. Look after me. I'm priceless. By Bella.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013



Looks like a humungous lizard
Smells like poop
Stronger than hulk
Sounds like a jet engine

Feels like a rock

How to make an Apocalypse

A giant portal,
100 giant alien ships,
5 billion aliens,
5 billion alien weapons,
5 billion zombies,
5 billion empty graves.
That's how to make an Apocalypse!


It pours down the mountain,
Destroys everything in its path,
Crushes dreams, kills laughter,
No way to stop it, totally indestructible

My Dragon

With his fiery breath he can wipe out a whole forest. His wings spread like sunrise in the morning. I feel his scales as I slowly hop on his strong back. As we fly we zoom like the speed of light.

By Cooper

The Treasure

when you see a big treasure chest in side there will be .............................
ten pieces of gold
nine sparkling rubies
eight great pieces of silver
seven shining diamond
six big crystal
five awesome little pearls
four old little sparkling gems
three died spidpers
two golden crowns
and one big treasure map

by Genell

A Poem of Peace and War

Peace is quiet and calm
It tastes like a freshly baked cake
It sounds like hippy music
It smells like flowers in blossom
It looks like the peace sign on banners
Peace lives in a war free zone

War is a bomb site
It tastes like smoke
It sounds nothing like peace
It smells horrible
It looks like a wounded soldier
War lives by its self

By Brooke

my 10 things poem

10. chocolate bars 9. ice-cream tubs 8. lolipops 7. chocolate coins 6.pieces of fudge 5. moose cans 4. ice blocks 3. cakes 2. fizzydrinks 1. cookie

My Safari Poem.

I went on a safari and I saw 10 leopards leaping through the shady forest.
9 spider monkeys swinging on the big green vines.
8 giraffes chomping on at the tall trees.
7 elephants stomping on the muddy ground.
6 deers drinking the glittering oasis.
5 lions catching their prey.
4 tigers sleeping in the big green bushes.
3 zebras scampering across the ground.
2 jaguars screeching in the wind.
1 snake slithering up a tree.

By Izzy

Dear Volcano by James

Why does your firey roar shriek across the lands?
Why does your molten lava flood and sear through the homes of inoccent people?
Why do you use all of your rage to spit out your flaming rocks of death?
By James

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

War and Peace

It smells like gunpowder
It sounds like gun shots
It feels like everything is turning grey
It looks like a raging fire
It lives in an abandoned field

It smells like flowers blooming in spring air
It tastes like a cold drink on a summers day
It sounds like cheers of happiness
It feels like a soft, fluffy pillow
It looks like tears of joy
It lives in my heart

By Jana

How Slime teleported to Minecraft and was defeated by Steve

                                                                     Part 3
It was getting dark so i closed my door and started waiting for morning. It was the worst night I've ever had, I couldr zombie moans and creepers hissing all night. So i decided to get out of this place. There were to many mobs spawners around here. I was walking and walking, and walking. Then I found a desert. I was starting to starve. And then I saw a desert temple.  I went in there. I broke the pressure plate so I dont step on it and die, because I knew that there was TNT under it. So I looked in the 1st chest and I found 18 bones and 4 golden ingots. Now I can craft golden boots. YAY!!! I opened the 2nd chest and I found 1 iron ingot and 12 cooked porkchops. In the 3rd chest I found 9 iron ingots and a golden apple. I opened the last chest and I found 5 diamonds and 3 bones. I heard steps behind me. I turned around.
To be continued from part 4

Friday, August 2, 2013

Dragon attack

"Whoosh" a gust of misty air licked my forid."Boom!" What was that ghastly noise. I turn around and I get the fright of my life,dragons are attacking;I sprinted the leaves groaned at every step I took."Whizz" a fire ball shot through the air at great speed,and when it hit the soft ground the trees caught flames like a deadly disease."Roar!" A dragon has spotted me with its eagle eye,I thought I was up for sudden death;The terrible dragon had shiny light green scales,that could probably blind you in one look;"Gulp" the second I sighted the dragons mouth I felt paralyzed in fear,the dragon's teeth were a big as menhirs and as sharpas machetes."Whizz" "Whizz" another 2 fire balls sail through the air,1goes astray, but alas I get hit by the second.My skin is screaming with pain.I take my last final breath then all life has drained from me and I take my final stand at the dragon's nest as supper.

By Hamish Smith.

How Slime teleported to Minecraft and was defeated by Steve (Part 2)

I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't get back to my family,my house,world. It started getting cold so I started getting wood and making wooden planks. I knew that the 1st thing to make, is a house. Then I had to make a crafting table to make a door and some wooden tools. Then I went out of my house to take a look around. I was in the snow biome.So I grabbed out my shovel and started making a stairway down into the ground.The only stuff that I found was stone and 11 pieces of coal. I went back to my house and make some torches. I didn't wanna kill sheep for wool so I wanted to find to iron first to make shears.  To be continued from Part 3.
By Illya

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Poem of Love and Hate


Love is a brilliant hot pink

It smells like hot cocoa on a cold day

It tatses like melted marshmallows

Love sounds like a rooster crowing

It feels like a warm room in winter

It looks like snow falling gently on to the ice

Love lives in someones heart!



Hate is a rough navy blue

It smells like revenge brewing up

It tastes like burnt pikelets

Hate sounds like bones clicking

It feels like mushy peas in my hands

It looks like an angry wilderbeast

Hate lives alone in a box!

By Brooke

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where in the World is Mrs McGhie Day 3

Hi Room 20

Today we took Ronan to the Tower of London - which is not just one tower but lots and lots of towers and buildings. Its name comes from the original tower (known as the White Tower) that was built by William the Conqueror almost 1000 years ago.

There were LOTS of people there and some areas were very crowded. Most of the buildings were very old and had big, thick stone walls. Ronan measured a couple and estimated that they'd be about 1.5m thick!

We walked up and down hundreds of steps. My mum and Ronan decided to sit down for a while and have a little rest.

We looked at the ravens who were very hot so weren't interested in doing much apart from sitting in the shade. If you are keen you could research the legend of the Tower ravens and find out why they are so special.

Ronan and I had our photo taken with a Beef Eater - they are special soldiers who work at the Tower. You might like to see what you can find out about them too.

Did you know that the tower used to house a menagerie (like a little zoo collection) of animals such as: a polar bear, baboons, lions, leopards and even an elephant! The elephant was given to the inhabitants if the tower in 1255. I was also horrified to hear the polar bear had had a long rope attached to his leg so he could go fishing in the Thames.

Have a super Market Day tomorrow.

From Mrs McGhie and Ronan.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where in the World is Mrs McGhie Day 2

Hi Room 20

I had another busy day today. We started our morning with a bus tour around London central city to help us get familiar with where things are. 

We spent a few minutes visiting Trafalgar Square where we got to see Nelson's Column and the ENORMOUS lions at the bottom. You might like to find out who Admiral Lord Nelson was and why he is so important. 

There were a few pigeons at Trafalgar Square but not as many as there used to be. Apparently they used to make a huge mess all over the place so these days they have a trained hawk that gets released to fly around the square and scare the pigeons away.

The next thing we were lucky enough to do was to visit the Household Cavalry - these are some of the soldiers on horseback who guard the Queen and the royal family. We got to see the horses in the stable and some of the heavy uniforms the soldiers wear. 

They had some old uniforms from almost 200 years ago there as well. Some of the hats from that time looked like the ones in The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins! A couple of them had such large plumes that they were over 2 feet tall!

Ronan and I had our photo taken outside the Household Cavalry building with our fabulous tour guide, Maggie. She carried a big pink umbrella over her head every where we went so that we could all find her and follow her easily. Maggie was really impressed that Kirsty made Ronan - that's what we were chatting about when the photo was taken.

We also got to go to Buckingham Palace and watch the Changing of the Guard, which was really cool. My mum and I were really close to the road and had a great view. There were literally 1 000s of people there. 

We had a wee rest underneath the London Eye. It is HUGE! Ronan insisted on having his photo taken with the Eye.

We walked past an M&M store that had delicious chocolaty smells wafting out the doors and into the street. I thought several of you would love the store as it was enormous! We didn't go in though because we were in a hurry to get somewhere else.

Everywhere we go there are these bike racks full of bicycles that you can pop a coin into a rent for a while. I thought this was a good idea.

One interesting fact I learnt today is that the UK emergency number is no longer 999, it's 101 so that it is the same as the rest of Europe.

I hope you are all working hard.
Bye for now.
Mrs McGhie and Ronan.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Where in the World is Mrs McGhie - Day 1

Hi Room 20

Ronan and I have arrived safely in London. Ronan wasn't too pleased to have been in my suitcase for the whole trip. 

We flew over all sorts of interesting places such as Afghanistan, Poland and Germany. The plane was cruising at 40 000 feet and the outside temperature was -47 degrees Fahrenheit - see if you can find out what those are in metres and degrees Celsius. 

We arrived here in the late afternoon, it would have been 3:00am your time.

Tonight my mum and I went for a walk along the River Thames, which is beside our hotel. We saw the clock tower where Big Ben is

the London Eye

The Houses of Parliament 

and Westminster Abbey ( I'll put photos up of this later as they are on my proper camera and not my phone).

Hope you are all working hard.

Mrs McGhie

Zombie takeover part 2

We looked all around and found a piece of barbed wire we made a grappling hook and hooked James.  We were scared. Luckily the sun came up again.  We were safe again .We used every thing we could. We made some weapons. Only I got one.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Science with Ms Smith

Room 20 did science with Ms smith (our student teacher ) it was so fun,my favourite was the slime.Our group made green slime it was very sucsessful, when you pick it up it would be hard and then it would go all runny,I loved playing with it! Here are the instuctions for the slime that we made.
How to Make Slime
Ingredients: Cornflour 1 cup,Water1/2 cup,Food Colouring (Any Colour) 2 Drops,Bucket,Cup.
1.Get out your bucket and put 1/2 a cup of water in.
2.Put 1 cup of cornflour in.
3.Get out your food colouring and put 2 drops in.
4.Mix it all together with your spoons or hands if you want to untill no bumps.
By Nikita!

How Slime teleported to Minecraft and was defeated by Steve

                                                                               Part 1

In 3021 my dad made a teleporter to the cyber world. I was in his lab. My sister was showing me how to make slime. We diceded to make it green (as usual). Then, when we finally made it, our bowl with slime in fell off the table and rolled into the portal. "NOOOOOOO" I shouted. It was the first thing I've ever done with my sister. Because from 8am till 4pm she's in the college. And from 4pm till 10pm she learns about rocket science. So i jumped into the portal. When I flied out of the portal I was in Minecraft.I couldn't believe it, I was inside the newest version of Minecraft -10.9.6 . I really liked Minecraft, I always watched my brother play it. I turned around and I couldn't see the portal anymore. I freaked out.

To be continued...

By Illya

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How the world will end.

                          How the world will end



It was a cold, breezy night in Queens town. All the people were starving , their stomachs growling to every thought of food. There was nothing, nothing in the whole wide world. No dogs, no cats, and no food or water. You might be wondering , how did all this happen?

93years ago...

It was 2020, everyone was happy but deep down they all knew something was wrong and that horrible feeling wasn't just a feeling, it was what lies ahead in the future.

13years later...
The temperature was more hot than ever, there was no room for everyone, the population just kept on growing and the human race was getting closer and closer to its end, but one man tried to keep it going just for another 100 years or so. That man appeared on national T.V and he pointed out that there was too much people and the only way to fix it was a war. The bad part, every man and his dog were listening.

2years later...

Every country was at war, New Zealand vs Australia, England vs France and all the other countries were in training soon ready for battle. All the woman and children stayed home knowing that their loved ones would probably not return.


So we return to where there is nothing except the loud noise of the bombs crashing on the hard, dry cracked ground.

There are wives with children, grandparents with grandchildren, friends with family and there is me who caused this problem.

By Kirsty

Dragon Hunters


                                          Dragon Hunters

''Good-night Fireball''said Aotea placing Fireball, the young dragon, in her nest.''Na Night'' said Fireball half asleep.Fireball slowly fell asleep ,as Aotea read a romantic-adventure book. ''Good-night everyone'' said Aotea .Once those words came out she fell asleep in a click of a finger. ''I'm hungry for a dragon'' said a croaky witch voice.This croaky voice belonged to the sour, sneaky witch, Lemon Sneak.''Her's one deliciously, yum dragon right here mmm...'' said Lemon Sneak covering Fireball's mouth. ''Ekk!'' whispered Fire ball. Fire ball tried to escape Lemon Sneak's wrinkly hands ,but in a blink of an eye she and Fireball disappeared into the dark.

''Good-morning Fireball'' said Aotea in the middle of stretching .Aotea looked shocked at the empty nest.''Fireball!'' screeched Aotea .Aotea saw the footprints in the mud and followed them.She followed them through the desert , through the mountains and into the woods until she found a wooden house .She bashed into the house meanwhile ,Lemon had locked up Fireball, but heard Aotea bashing the door open, and hid behind the door.''Oh no Fireball!'' said Aotea in sympathy. Aotea opened the cage and gave freedom to Fireball.

''No!!!!'' sceamed Lemon. Lemon and Aotea fought and fought .''Aotea !''screamed Fireball throwing a diamond sword. Aotea caught it and sadly made Lemon pay .Aotea held Fireball in her hands and ran off. But what she didn't know was that Lemon had sworn for revenge and did come for revenge.

By Holly K.
As I walked through the creaky door BOO, a clown jumps out at me,I scream. I run through the passage way screaming my head off. Someone turns the light on.
By Nikita
Horror House

Creack I stop now I look behind methe door is closing slowlycrash the roof is falling ahh I run as fast as I can out the door oof "muahahahaha you've fell strate into my trap now your going to die" pow I'veknock dracula out ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh you've knocked master out ahhhh

The hauted house

Creak creak went the stairs as I walked into the haunted house. Creak I opened the squeaky door. Bang Bang there was no escaping I saw another flite of stairs creak creak bang the step I was on snapped. I had a felling I will never get out of this crazy house. Oohhh what was that sound oohhhh there it was again I started biting my finger nails. I looked straight i front of me and there was a a a a ghost i ran but he was to fast i saw a knights armour. I put it on and ran suddenly the armour stoped moving and pulled out a sword and fought the ghost. I jumped out of the armour and started runing again a skeliten started fighting me I ran and ran. i didn't know what to do i looked at the front door it was open. I made a break for it yes I have got out i'm never going back there wake up wake up what I fell asleep in class.

By Kaeleb

Zombie Takeover

Aaw what was that said James Kaeleb. Looked out the window there was a zombie James looked out the other window aaw there was another zombie ahah screemed James. Nkock nkock on the door Tim was at the door  LET ME IN. Yelled Tim we let Tim in it was day the zombies were gone we ran and found a scientist but James got biten and was a zombie. We worked hard we have to cure James done yelled the scientist we have a cure but what one is James there the one with the green t shirt how are we goingto get to James with all thoose zombies.

To be continued....

By Kaeleb

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cyber Saftey

                                                                        Cyber Saftey

So far this term for topic, we've been learning about cyber saftey. We've watched loads of video clips for how to be safe online. We know what and what not to do online. These are some of the things we've learnt.

                                                                What you should do online 
  • Ask an adult before clicking pop-ups.
  • Think before putting private imformation online.
  • Tell an adult if you're getting cyber bullied.
  • Help people that are getting cyber bullied.
  • Get an adult straight away if you click on something bad.                       
                                                               What you shouldn't do online    

  • Don't make fun of people that are getting cyber bullied. 
  •  Don't give away your full name or password.
  • Don't make friends with people you don't know.
  • Don't click pop-ups without an adult supervisor.
                                                                        What to Remember  

  • If you cyber bully someone, people can print things out for proof.
  • All people need is yoyr whole name, and then they will soon know all they need about you.
  • Cyber Bullying is illegal.
  • And most importantly, " If you can't say it to your Grandma, don't say it at all".
      By Holly M

Friday, June 7, 2013

Diary of Lily-Rose by Grace

                                 ~~ Diary of Lily-Rose ~~

                                                             17 March, 1926
~morning~  Today is my birthday! I wonder what Mama will give me! I'm SOOO excited! :P
~afternoon~ You won't believe what I got! A PUPPY! I named him Oreo (they are so delicious and sweet) and he's a chocolate lab. He is very energetic and fun to play with. It's getting late so I'd better snuggle up with Oreo.
                                                             19 March, 1926
~morning~ I am stranded in a big, confusing forest. It is in the middle of nowhere! Someone came and took Mama!! Tomorrow I will set out to find her, though I am not sure how. Oreo is being very consoling and affectionate to me, so I am very grateful for that. All I managed to pack before escaping to here from the kidnapper was a rucksack with some berries and sandwiches, a sleeping bag, a first aid kit, some things for Oreo and a little tent.
~afternoon~ I have set up the tent and am sitting inside my sleeping bag in it and having a sandwich, Oreo is in his bed and having a little dog snack. I hope it doesn't rain. I just zipped up the tent and I think it would be best if I go to bed now.
                                                            20 March, 1926
~morning~ Luckily it didn't rain lastnight so the tent is nice and dry. Oreo is a little restless, so I intend to walk him and look for mother today. If unsucsessful, I will retire here and think out a new plan.
~afternoon~ My search was unsucsessful, I thought the kidnapper might have hidden her somewhere in this forest. I wonder where she could be? Well, early to bed and early to rise as the saying says. I will pack up the tent tomorrow and try to get out of this forest.
                                                           21 March, 1926
~morning~ I was packing up the tent when I heard a little whimper from behind a bush. I checked it out, and it was a baby fox. It was stuck in a thorn bush! I pulled it out, put bandages on its wounds and called it Zoe. Now there is a new addition to the team!
~afternoon~ I managed to find my way to the edge of the forest, but couldn't get any further as there was a wall of thorns blocking the way out. Near the wall is a little cottage that's empty. I went inside and it is in good condition so I decided we should stay here till we find mother.There was an extra mattress as well as a bed in the cottage so everyone can sleep comfortably with me in the bed and Oreo and Zoe sharing the matress. Luckily they have warmed up to each other.
                                                       22 March, 1926
~morning~ I woke up to the noise of dripping water. There was a leak in the roof. Apparently it rained last night. We are going to try get through the wall of thorns as I found a knife in the cottage.
~afternoon~ I managed to cut a hole in the thorn wall just big enough for us to squeeze through. Once out of the woods I took in my surroundings. I was in a little abandoned, run-down village. I decided to search the ruins. In one of the little houses I saw a figure in a black cloak. They asked who I was and guess what? It was mother!!! We checked a map she had and found our way home. Once safely home I aske her all about what happened. We shared our adventures with each other and were fascinated by what happened.
                                                     23 March, 1926
~morning~ We are going to out to buy some things for Zoe today. Things are back to normal now and this is my last page so , Bye :)

 By Grace :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All about the NZ Falcon


NZ Falcon have many predators like cats. Some of their predators like Hedgehogs, Stoats and other mustelids prey only on the eggs.


The Falcons can catch prey that is larger than themselves. Their colour can change in different locations to hide from predators. Although some Falcons nest on the ground they can still fly.


If they nest on the ground they usually nest under rocks. The NZ Falcon live on Stewart Island and The Auckland Islands.


The Falcons communicate by rapidly repeating Kek-Kek-Kek. If the birds are immature then they communicate by screeching.

By Jana

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to stay safe online

Staying safe online is very important because some very bad things can happen when on any type of mobile device. If you keep reading then you will find out what to do and what not to do online.

           What you                            What not
           need to                             to do:
-If something inappropriate             -Don't put inappropriate         
comes up tell an adult.                 things online.
-Not click on pop-ups.                  -Don't exit out of things 
- If you feel uncomfortable             that make you feel
with something on the                   uncomfortable you need to 
computer then you also                  the adult.
need to tell an adult.                                            -Not read any inappropriate 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NYLD (national young leaders day)!

On Thursday the 23rd of May the leaders of our school went to National Young Leaders Day a.k.a NYLD! All the leaders from Rutherford, Batten, Sheppard and Hillary went to the stadium in Manakua!
We all went in Mrs. Gopi, Mrs. Wotton and Mrs. Bodgers cars. 

There were 6 speakers, Erin Simpson, Annette Fale, Dr. Sharad Paul, Dave Atkinson, Juliette Haigh and Cam Kalkoen. There were also video messages from people who are on the news and other tv shows!

My personal favourite was Cam Kalkoen because he had a disability but no matter what he keeps doing what he loved and to this day he is still doing something he loves, and to me that was very inspiring and he taught me no matter what always be AWESOME! That is his favourite word, I like it too. He also taught me that if you have a big dream you can have a big life! Anything is possible, believe in yourself do what you love be AWESOME!

At the end Jamie McDell performed some of her songs! They were very good!

By Brooke

Silas the Stretcher Bearer

Silas was a conscientious objector (that means he believed in the Bible and wouldn't carry a gun, so he refused to fight). Because of that, Silas was very unpopular and was forced to go to war in 1917 when he was just twenty three. Fortunately, the government let Silas do non-combatant service and become a stretcher bearer.

Stretcher bearers walk through no mans land dodging shells and bulllets, picking up the wounded on the stretchers and helping them. For a while, Silas was in Featherston training, then he got shipped England for more.

After the training, Silas got shipped to Bapaume where the fighting was and food was scarce. Soon, Silas got shot by a shell in the legs and had to go on a hospital ship back to England. In World War One 18,500 New Zealanders died and 50,000 were injured. That just shows you how horrible World War One was.

By, Bella


                                                               National Young Leaders Day!

On the 23rd of May all the young leaders went to NYLD (National Young Leaders Day), in Manukau. From our school I and the other fifteen  house/vice captains  went, and came back from NYLD very inspired.  

When we first got there we went straight into the big hall where all the speakers would speak to us. There were six speakers that spoke to us, and they all inspired us from how they became leaders. We took many notes and are going to share them with the rest of our school. We stayed there all day, there was also a little disaster with our group at morning tea but we were able to soon able to sort it out. 

All sixteen of us had a fantastic time! We learnt heaps and were really inspired. We would love to go again. All of us said it was the best school trip ever! 

From Holly M

Science making slime and fake blood

Making slime was easy. First we put 1 cup of cornflour into the bucket and we put 1 teaspoon of food colouring and our group chose blue. Then we mixed half a cup of water together into the bucket and mixed it. It was perfect except it was a little bit hard, so we put more water which made it perfect. After we finished our slime the dye off the colouring didn't come off even if we did it in soap it came off but not the nail bits.



Making fake blood was a little difficult compared to the slime. The recipe was really hard to read so it turned out a bit runny, but the colour was perfect. The red dye (the food colouring for the blood) wouldn't think of coming off too like the blue food colouring. 


And that's why I went home with my skin turning into an avatar(or a smurf)......

By Dana