Monday, June 24, 2013

Science with Ms Smith

Room 20 did science with Ms smith (our student teacher ) it was so fun,my favourite was the slime.Our group made green slime it was very sucsessful, when you pick it up it would be hard and then it would go all runny,I loved playing with it! Here are the instuctions for the slime that we made.
How to Make Slime
Ingredients: Cornflour 1 cup,Water1/2 cup,Food Colouring (Any Colour) 2 Drops,Bucket,Cup.
1.Get out your bucket and put 1/2 a cup of water in.
2.Put 1 cup of cornflour in.
3.Get out your food colouring and put 2 drops in.
4.Mix it all together with your spoons or hands if you want to untill no bumps.
By Nikita!

How Slime teleported to Minecraft and was defeated by Steve

                                                                               Part 1

In 3021 my dad made a teleporter to the cyber world. I was in his lab. My sister was showing me how to make slime. We diceded to make it green (as usual). Then, when we finally made it, our bowl with slime in fell off the table and rolled into the portal. "NOOOOOOO" I shouted. It was the first thing I've ever done with my sister. Because from 8am till 4pm she's in the college. And from 4pm till 10pm she learns about rocket science. So i jumped into the portal. When I flied out of the portal I was in Minecraft.I couldn't believe it, I was inside the newest version of Minecraft -10.9.6 . I really liked Minecraft, I always watched my brother play it. I turned around and I couldn't see the portal anymore. I freaked out.

To be continued...

By Illya

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How the world will end.

                          How the world will end



It was a cold, breezy night in Queens town. All the people were starving , their stomachs growling to every thought of food. There was nothing, nothing in the whole wide world. No dogs, no cats, and no food or water. You might be wondering , how did all this happen?

93years ago...

It was 2020, everyone was happy but deep down they all knew something was wrong and that horrible feeling wasn't just a feeling, it was what lies ahead in the future.

13years later...
The temperature was more hot than ever, there was no room for everyone, the population just kept on growing and the human race was getting closer and closer to its end, but one man tried to keep it going just for another 100 years or so. That man appeared on national T.V and he pointed out that there was too much people and the only way to fix it was a war. The bad part, every man and his dog were listening.

2years later...

Every country was at war, New Zealand vs Australia, England vs France and all the other countries were in training soon ready for battle. All the woman and children stayed home knowing that their loved ones would probably not return.


So we return to where there is nothing except the loud noise of the bombs crashing on the hard, dry cracked ground.

There are wives with children, grandparents with grandchildren, friends with family and there is me who caused this problem.

By Kirsty

Dragon Hunters


                                          Dragon Hunters

''Good-night Fireball''said Aotea placing Fireball, the young dragon, in her nest.''Na Night'' said Fireball half asleep.Fireball slowly fell asleep ,as Aotea read a romantic-adventure book. ''Good-night everyone'' said Aotea .Once those words came out she fell asleep in a click of a finger. ''I'm hungry for a dragon'' said a croaky witch voice.This croaky voice belonged to the sour, sneaky witch, Lemon Sneak.''Her's one deliciously, yum dragon right here mmm...'' said Lemon Sneak covering Fireball's mouth. ''Ekk!'' whispered Fire ball. Fire ball tried to escape Lemon Sneak's wrinkly hands ,but in a blink of an eye she and Fireball disappeared into the dark.

''Good-morning Fireball'' said Aotea in the middle of stretching .Aotea looked shocked at the empty nest.''Fireball!'' screeched Aotea .Aotea saw the footprints in the mud and followed them.She followed them through the desert , through the mountains and into the woods until she found a wooden house .She bashed into the house meanwhile ,Lemon had locked up Fireball, but heard Aotea bashing the door open, and hid behind the door.''Oh no Fireball!'' said Aotea in sympathy. Aotea opened the cage and gave freedom to Fireball.

''No!!!!'' sceamed Lemon. Lemon and Aotea fought and fought .''Aotea !''screamed Fireball throwing a diamond sword. Aotea caught it and sadly made Lemon pay .Aotea held Fireball in her hands and ran off. But what she didn't know was that Lemon had sworn for revenge and did come for revenge.

By Holly K.
As I walked through the creaky door BOO, a clown jumps out at me,I scream. I run through the passage way screaming my head off. Someone turns the light on.
By Nikita
Horror House

Creack I stop now I look behind methe door is closing slowlycrash the roof is falling ahh I run as fast as I can out the door oof "muahahahaha you've fell strate into my trap now your going to die" pow I'veknock dracula out ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh you've knocked master out ahhhh

The hauted house

Creak creak went the stairs as I walked into the haunted house. Creak I opened the squeaky door. Bang Bang there was no escaping I saw another flite of stairs creak creak bang the step I was on snapped. I had a felling I will never get out of this crazy house. Oohhh what was that sound oohhhh there it was again I started biting my finger nails. I looked straight i front of me and there was a a a a ghost i ran but he was to fast i saw a knights armour. I put it on and ran suddenly the armour stoped moving and pulled out a sword and fought the ghost. I jumped out of the armour and started runing again a skeliten started fighting me I ran and ran. i didn't know what to do i looked at the front door it was open. I made a break for it yes I have got out i'm never going back there wake up wake up what I fell asleep in class.

By Kaeleb

Zombie Takeover

Aaw what was that said James Kaeleb. Looked out the window there was a zombie James looked out the other window aaw there was another zombie ahah screemed James. Nkock nkock on the door Tim was at the door  LET ME IN. Yelled Tim we let Tim in it was day the zombies were gone we ran and found a scientist but James got biten and was a zombie. We worked hard we have to cure James done yelled the scientist we have a cure but what one is James there the one with the green t shirt how are we goingto get to James with all thoose zombies.

To be continued....

By Kaeleb

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cyber Saftey

                                                                        Cyber Saftey

So far this term for topic, we've been learning about cyber saftey. We've watched loads of video clips for how to be safe online. We know what and what not to do online. These are some of the things we've learnt.

                                                                What you should do online 
  • Ask an adult before clicking pop-ups.
  • Think before putting private imformation online.
  • Tell an adult if you're getting cyber bullied.
  • Help people that are getting cyber bullied.
  • Get an adult straight away if you click on something bad.                       
                                                               What you shouldn't do online    

  • Don't make fun of people that are getting cyber bullied. 
  •  Don't give away your full name or password.
  • Don't make friends with people you don't know.
  • Don't click pop-ups without an adult supervisor.
                                                                        What to Remember  

  • If you cyber bully someone, people can print things out for proof.
  • All people need is yoyr whole name, and then they will soon know all they need about you.
  • Cyber Bullying is illegal.
  • And most importantly, " If you can't say it to your Grandma, don't say it at all".
      By Holly M

Friday, June 7, 2013

Diary of Lily-Rose by Grace

                                 ~~ Diary of Lily-Rose ~~

                                                             17 March, 1926
~morning~  Today is my birthday! I wonder what Mama will give me! I'm SOOO excited! :P
~afternoon~ You won't believe what I got! A PUPPY! I named him Oreo (they are so delicious and sweet) and he's a chocolate lab. He is very energetic and fun to play with. It's getting late so I'd better snuggle up with Oreo.
                                                             19 March, 1926
~morning~ I am stranded in a big, confusing forest. It is in the middle of nowhere! Someone came and took Mama!! Tomorrow I will set out to find her, though I am not sure how. Oreo is being very consoling and affectionate to me, so I am very grateful for that. All I managed to pack before escaping to here from the kidnapper was a rucksack with some berries and sandwiches, a sleeping bag, a first aid kit, some things for Oreo and a little tent.
~afternoon~ I have set up the tent and am sitting inside my sleeping bag in it and having a sandwich, Oreo is in his bed and having a little dog snack. I hope it doesn't rain. I just zipped up the tent and I think it would be best if I go to bed now.
                                                            20 March, 1926
~morning~ Luckily it didn't rain lastnight so the tent is nice and dry. Oreo is a little restless, so I intend to walk him and look for mother today. If unsucsessful, I will retire here and think out a new plan.
~afternoon~ My search was unsucsessful, I thought the kidnapper might have hidden her somewhere in this forest. I wonder where she could be? Well, early to bed and early to rise as the saying says. I will pack up the tent tomorrow and try to get out of this forest.
                                                           21 March, 1926
~morning~ I was packing up the tent when I heard a little whimper from behind a bush. I checked it out, and it was a baby fox. It was stuck in a thorn bush! I pulled it out, put bandages on its wounds and called it Zoe. Now there is a new addition to the team!
~afternoon~ I managed to find my way to the edge of the forest, but couldn't get any further as there was a wall of thorns blocking the way out. Near the wall is a little cottage that's empty. I went inside and it is in good condition so I decided we should stay here till we find mother.There was an extra mattress as well as a bed in the cottage so everyone can sleep comfortably with me in the bed and Oreo and Zoe sharing the matress. Luckily they have warmed up to each other.
                                                       22 March, 1926
~morning~ I woke up to the noise of dripping water. There was a leak in the roof. Apparently it rained last night. We are going to try get through the wall of thorns as I found a knife in the cottage.
~afternoon~ I managed to cut a hole in the thorn wall just big enough for us to squeeze through. Once out of the woods I took in my surroundings. I was in a little abandoned, run-down village. I decided to search the ruins. In one of the little houses I saw a figure in a black cloak. They asked who I was and guess what? It was mother!!! We checked a map she had and found our way home. Once safely home I aske her all about what happened. We shared our adventures with each other and were fascinated by what happened.
                                                     23 March, 1926
~morning~ We are going to out to buy some things for Zoe today. Things are back to normal now and this is my last page so , Bye :)

 By Grace :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All about the NZ Falcon


NZ Falcon have many predators like cats. Some of their predators like Hedgehogs, Stoats and other mustelids prey only on the eggs.


The Falcons can catch prey that is larger than themselves. Their colour can change in different locations to hide from predators. Although some Falcons nest on the ground they can still fly.


If they nest on the ground they usually nest under rocks. The NZ Falcon live on Stewart Island and The Auckland Islands.


The Falcons communicate by rapidly repeating Kek-Kek-Kek. If the birds are immature then they communicate by screeching.

By Jana