How to Leave a Comment

In Room 20 we love to visit other people's blogs and leave comments for them. We also love receiving comments and feedback on our blog posts.

Posting a comment is easy to do - you just need to follow these simple steps:

1. At the bottom of each blog post you'll see a little piece of blue, underlined writing that says # comments.  The writing is a hyperlink and the # stands for the number of comments the post has received.  Click on this blue hyperlink.

2. You will get taken to a page that looks like this:

3. You need to type your comment into the box on this page.  In Room 20 we aim to leave comments that include: what we liked about the blog post, something new or interesting we discovered and then we ask a question so that we keep the conversation going.

4. After leaving your comment, you need to scroll down the page a little until you find a section that looks like this:
This is where you pick an identity so that we know who our comments cam from. If you have a Google account you can pick that option.  Most people select Name/URL. The URL is just the address on the Internet for your own blog or website.  If you don't have one that's ok - just fill out your name e.g. "Peter's mum." Once you have completed this step, click on "Publish Your Comment".

5. You will have a box with some random words pop up next.  These are designed to protect our blog from spam as only human eyes can see them.  Type the words into the space provided and click enter.

6. You will now get a message telling you that your comment has been saved and you now need to wait for Mrs McGhie to moderate your blog comment and make sure it is ok.

And that's all there is to it really.  Happy Blogging!

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