Monday, March 21, 2011


We put an egg into a container of vinegar and left it for a couple of days.  We noticed that the egg sent gas bubbles up into the vinegar.  On Wednesday we  looked at the egg. It looked golden and gross! It smelt gross and we got to touch it.  But... most of the class didn't get to touch it beacause it EXPLODED! Someone popped it by accident.  IT WAS SAD.   But the skin inside went thick and went tiny and it was see through -  but it also did go gross. It smellt terrible.

Chunky chalk

Last Thursday Mrs McGhie made chunky chalk with us.
What we needed was:
  •  1cup of Plaster of Paris 1/2
  •  a table spoon of dye
  • water
  • a mixing bowl and a spoon to mix with.
We did chunky chalk for our topic Changes.
On Friday all our chalk set.
Then we took the chalk out and drew with it on concrete.
We all like Mrs McGhie because she does lots of cool things with us.

From H.C.

Friday, March 11, 2011

What we did last week?

Last week we went to look at the comments about Rohi's travels that she has had.  Last week we did some fun stuff like doing art. We had to have one piece of paper each with lots of different shapes on.  After that we had to draw our  hand on and had to colour it in with hot colours like red, orange and yellow.  We had to colour it in with hot patterns.   It was the most fun art that we've done all term.  We did it with Mrs Jones.  We also did singing and we are a little bit good - we always practise in the hall.  On Monday we did fitness and played Octopus.  It was very hard to run past all those fast running taggers.  It was good exersise for us. We  looked at lots of photos of  Rohi and comments about what Rohi had done during the weeks.  We've heard lots about Rohi's travels so far.  She still has lots to go on her travel.  Then she comes back to us once she's had her travels to many different places in New Zealand.  I wonder if Rohi had a nice time so far on her travels?

from JMcC and DK