Thursday, August 30, 2012

Writing Class

The whole senior syndicate is doing cross group writing classes. Every person goes to a different teacher for writing.My teacher is my class teacher. We're currently writing narratives. I have written one about a a haunted house. This is a drawing of it I did on paint.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Insane Recipes - How to make a mud cake By M.S

How to make a mud cake. What you need: 1 litre of wet mud 1 handful of grass (just grass not any roots) 5 cups of self rising flour 1 teaspoon of milk powder A very sunny day A lot of experience Method 1: Pour half a litre of wet mud in a bowl. 2: Pour all 5 cups of self rising flour in the same bowl as the mud. 3: Mix the wet mud and the self rising flour with your hands till it is light brown or very fluffy. 4: Pour the rest of the wet mud in a different bowl with the milk and mix it. 5: Pour all the mixture in a bake tin and let it stay in a sunny spot for half an hour. 6:Finish the mud cake with the grass sprinkled on top of the cake. 7: Hope you enjoy it :D REMEMBER:don't eat it

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Winter Sports Games

I am particapating in the Winter Sports Games for netball on Friday. It is at Kirstin PS and we play more than one game. 1 quarter is only 7 minutes so 28 minutes altogether,I hope we win all of even most our games. Mostly it is year 6s but apparently a few good year 5s are also coming so I am looking forward to go and the best part is that we will be there the whole school time and you don't have to study or work at school.

Production Practice

We've been practising for our Production.The name of the production The Button Box.  I am in the Choir. The Choir has a lot of singing and practises a whole heap of times and we also get to see a few parts of the production in action with bloopers, and it was funny when people tried to get attention. I'm in the Bollywood Dancing Group. We're just an ordinary dancing group but out dance is AMZAING! Mrs. Gopi is teaching us the dance.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Maths and Storybird

We have been exploring a new writing application called Storybird. Mrs McGhie challenged us to create a Storybird that would help children with Maths. Here is the one that Kayla wrote - didn't she do a fantastic job?

Maths is fun! on Storybird