Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to stay safe online

Staying safe online is very important because some very bad things can happen when on any type of mobile device. If you keep reading then you will find out what to do and what not to do online.

           What you                            What not
           need to                             to do:
-If something inappropriate             -Don't put inappropriate         
comes up tell an adult.                 things online.
-Not click on pop-ups.                  -Don't exit out of things 
- If you feel uncomfortable             that make you feel
with something on the                   uncomfortable you need to 
computer then you also                  the adult.
need to tell an adult.                                            -Not read any inappropriate 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NYLD (national young leaders day)!

On Thursday the 23rd of May the leaders of our school went to National Young Leaders Day a.k.a NYLD! All the leaders from Rutherford, Batten, Sheppard and Hillary went to the stadium in Manakua!
We all went in Mrs. Gopi, Mrs. Wotton and Mrs. Bodgers cars. 

There were 6 speakers, Erin Simpson, Annette Fale, Dr. Sharad Paul, Dave Atkinson, Juliette Haigh and Cam Kalkoen. There were also video messages from people who are on the news and other tv shows!

My personal favourite was Cam Kalkoen because he had a disability but no matter what he keeps doing what he loved and to this day he is still doing something he loves, and to me that was very inspiring and he taught me no matter what always be AWESOME! That is his favourite word, I like it too. He also taught me that if you have a big dream you can have a big life! Anything is possible, believe in yourself do what you love be AWESOME!

At the end Jamie McDell performed some of her songs! They were very good!

By Brooke

Silas the Stretcher Bearer

Silas was a conscientious objector (that means he believed in the Bible and wouldn't carry a gun, so he refused to fight). Because of that, Silas was very unpopular and was forced to go to war in 1917 when he was just twenty three. Fortunately, the government let Silas do non-combatant service and become a stretcher bearer.

Stretcher bearers walk through no mans land dodging shells and bulllets, picking up the wounded on the stretchers and helping them. For a while, Silas was in Featherston training, then he got shipped England for more.

After the training, Silas got shipped to Bapaume where the fighting was and food was scarce. Soon, Silas got shot by a shell in the legs and had to go on a hospital ship back to England. In World War One 18,500 New Zealanders died and 50,000 were injured. That just shows you how horrible World War One was.

By, Bella


                                                               National Young Leaders Day!

On the 23rd of May all the young leaders went to NYLD (National Young Leaders Day), in Manukau. From our school I and the other fifteen  house/vice captains  went, and came back from NYLD very inspired.  

When we first got there we went straight into the big hall where all the speakers would speak to us. There were six speakers that spoke to us, and they all inspired us from how they became leaders. We took many notes and are going to share them with the rest of our school. We stayed there all day, there was also a little disaster with our group at morning tea but we were able to soon able to sort it out. 

All sixteen of us had a fantastic time! We learnt heaps and were really inspired. We would love to go again. All of us said it was the best school trip ever! 

From Holly M

Science making slime and fake blood

Making slime was easy. First we put 1 cup of cornflour into the bucket and we put 1 teaspoon of food colouring and our group chose blue. Then we mixed half a cup of water together into the bucket and mixed it. It was perfect except it was a little bit hard, so we put more water which made it perfect. After we finished our slime the dye off the colouring didn't come off even if we did it in soap it came off but not the nail bits.



Making fake blood was a little difficult compared to the slime. The recipe was really hard to read so it turned out a bit runny, but the colour was perfect. The red dye (the food colouring for the blood) wouldn't think of coming off too like the blue food colouring. 


And that's why I went home with my skin turning into an avatar(or a smurf)......

By Dana

The white Mouse A.K.A Nancy Wake


Nancy Wake was on a runaway trip from NZ to France. From there Nancy met Henri her future husband.During her days in France, Nazis treated the Jewish people desrespectfully , Nancy wanted to change . Nazi tried to invade France in1940. Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazis Germans, wanted to control more. French fought to free their country.

Nancy set up a little hospital to help the injured secretly , with her husband. While she was helping , she had been collecting food, and was contacting Resistance groups by Radio.Radio was the only way to communicate with others.British Pilots helped the french escape France and land oin Spain( which was  not fighting). The Gestapo were closing in , Nancy had to leave France. Broken hearted she had to say a warm goodbye to her husband .Nancy decided to cross the mountains into Spain . After six attemps she finally made it into Spain .She was supposed to meet her husband , Nancy didn't see him again.

Nancy had contacted the Special Operations Excutive. The S.O.E made a decision to train Nancy as a secret agent . There she learnt survival skills, secret radio codes , and how to use weapons and explosives. During 1944, Allies were planning the D-Day. Nancy had went back to France to organise the resistance Fighters in central France.

On April night 1944, Nancy landed by parachute on central Frane. Once she landed she radioed for weapons ,explosives, and food to be parachuted down. Explosives were used to blow up rail-ways before the D-Day. Nancy and the groups radios and codes were destroyed . Nancy had decided to go to an agent in a village for new radios and codes. 71 hours later, she returned. Months later, Allies defeated Germany. Only there did she find out thather husband had died.

Nancy won 11 medals from the Queen andother countries. Nancy showed that no matter what challenge you have keep trying to over come your challenge. She inspired different people . (Nancy Wake lived heroically from 1912 to 2011).

Retold by Holly K.

Diary of Sophia-Grace

1st January 2000
Yay, it's the new millenium! I wonder what it's going to bring. I saw this really cool coat, it was amazing but the only bad thing was that I saw someone buy it. I was really devistated, but later that day I saw another coat the same as the one I saw before! It was sooo cool, lately I've been seeing more and more of the same clothes.

2nd January 2000
I bought the coat! The best thing was it was on special. I had never bought anything on special and it was $20 instead of $50! My mum said I was so lucky, the best thing was it looked amazing on me!
(I didn't mean to brag.)
By Janaof

Art with Mr.Braddrok

"Zoom!" said Mr.Braddock. He was the best artist I've ever met so far!! He was an art genius. We drew nikau palms and mine was not bad. I thought I wasn't good at art but it just worked. It was like magic. I did a lot of mistakes (in pencil) but I didn't do any mistakes with sharpie. When Mr. Braddock coloured in the artwork it was so realistic. He was so cool!! Actually everybody's artwork was amazing and I couldn't believe it (I could but like I never thought of that).

I got a lot of mistakes but it was okay because I got over it with pen (sharpie). He was really good and he had good teaching skills. We had a beach for our background and the Pohutukawa was really good on Mr.Braddock's artwork. He has his own website and I think it's

The ball part was really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really good with red shadows and Mr. Braddock said red shadow goes on green really well and he was right!! I like Mr.Braddock's art skills and he is an art genius!

By Dana

10 minute writing assesment

                                                **My 10 minute writing assesment**

Tears streamed down my little face as I fell through the clouds. No. This couldn't be happening. "Mama!" I cried. She couldn't hear me, I was too far away. I would never see her again. I hit the ground with a thud and shivering, I curled up into a ball on the cold, hard ground.

Many years passed. My life was lonely. Empty. Whenever I thought about that fateful day it was too painful to bear. So I set out on a mission. I would find her, I had to. I searched and searched, but I couldn't find her. I gave up all hope and sat down on a stump. To my surprise it shot up and up and up. In fact, it reached the clouds! I hopped off, eager to explore. I might find Mama here! I mean, this was where I last saw her.

I searched and searched, stepping through layers of thick, poofy, bouncy cloud. Then I saw her. She was sitting in a pile of  flowers, weeping. "Mama!" I yelled. She looked up, tears in her eyes.

By GT :)

Cyber Safety

For topic this term we are learning about cyber saftey.

Cyber saftey is a useful thing to know, here I am going to tell you useful information.

What not to do online.Don't share any personal information about yourself, your first name is all they need to know, and don't sign up for anything where you have to lie about your age, it'll have an age limit for a reason. Most things are 13 and over, part of it is because some websites have things that are just plain gross and kids shouldn't see.

What to do online, listen carefully this information will help you get through online life :) . You could get hector dolphin it might seem lam but it will come in handy, if you see something that is inappropriate online just click hector dolphin so he can cover it up and get a parent to get rid of it.

 Nasty things online. Viruses, scans, and pop ups. Before I start telling you about these I'm going to tell you what to be aware of:

Trojans- are things that look good to you but are bad.
Web Catcher-People who hack into your camera and see what you are doing.
Viruses-are things that mess up your computer
Scams-advertisements and ads that trick you into thinking you'll win something valuable, but you won't its a scam!
Pop ups, pop ups are basically like scams, they're ads that will say something that sounds like a massive deal to you, for example: Some will say things like you've won  1 million dollars click here to claim your reward.
Emails, 1 thing you should never do is set your email to automatic opening, if you do you might open up an email that leads to a virus.

Cyber Bullying is bullying through texts, emails and other online texting. You should always think before you post, what you post could easily hurt other peoples feelings. Its not just texts and emails that can embarrass or hurt peoples feelings it can be videos too. So just post positive not negative and if you do get cyber bullied or see a friend or family member getting cyber bullied too, tell an adult they can deal with . Adults can also be cyber bullied its not just kids.

                            By Kirsty

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cyber Saftey Tips

There are all types of danger online.So you need to know about the Do's and the Don'ts,Dangers,Cyber Bullying and your personal information.But since danger is a boring word I'm going to use online annoyances.

Okay now here comes the important stuff, the Do's and the Don'ts, The Do's are...You can get Hector the dolphin on windows,Always tell an adult if you get bullied by cyber,Think before you post and last Peolpe post rude things on the web so tell someone.The Don'ts are Don't freind peolpe you don't know,Don't go on things you have to lie your age ,Never put your email on auto-you could catch a virus,Don't be fooled by pop-ups and Don't give your personal detail on the web.

When you go online it's like going into the wild.So you need to beware of the Online Annoyanses. I'll tell you all the annoyances online,trojans,web catchers,viruses ,scams, spams, spy watchers,worms,malware and sometimes tracking cookies.

You need to know of cyber bullying .Cyber bullying ruins lives. Cyber bullying happens in and out of school/work.Bullying happens to adults too.So put on confidence and tell an adult that you trust.

To stay extra safe don't put your personal details onlinebecause once it's on there's no going back, once again beware .When you go on a game write a nickname like appletree 111.People sell your details to strangers online so don't put details online.

So there it is,be safe online and you will succeed the online world .Listen to those cyber tips and you"ll win.
Come on guys be cyber wise.

By Holly K.