Friday, December 9, 2011

action world

Bang! I slipped off the jungle swing the two times I got to the end I got on the the trapeze
I did not want to go the first time because it was humongous the second time people kept
cheering I said shhhhhhh because I was concentrating it was fun when we were doing a
competition and I did the Crazy Ladder.I got 16 points we had to have two people on
each thing. We were Dare Devils. Beverages won.

Action World

Yesterday I went to Action World.I went on this place called the jousting bridge. I versed a person in my class called Joel then I took a really bad first shot and ran away and went down the bouncy castle and I won. I went on the high wire and I kept on falling off. The high wire was a big long rope high in the air that you have to walk across without holding anything. The whole Action World was based on bouncy castles. There was also this place called the jump n' slide. You jump of a cliff and slide down a big slide.
9 December

I liked Action World because the obstacle course was fun. My favourite part was the big swing.
You swing twice and when the lady says Now! you let go and you land on a boucey thing. It goes very high I went on it two times. It was fun and a bit scary for me. Because it was a bit high. I want to go to Action World again!:)

Action World

Action World as amazing. There was a trapeze, tight rope, jungle jim and a jump and slide. We also had a competition. My team came second. In my team was TG,NH,HC RTM andCHThere was a test to see if we could go onthe trapeze. I didn't pass, but Hanae did our teams parent helper were Ta's mum and my and my dad. It was the best school trip ever. My favourite part was the jump and slide. My hat fell of when I slid downthe steepest hill ever. After morning tea they blew up the brigde which we could fight people on. I won a lot of times. It was the best trip out of the whole year !

Action World

The thing I like about Action World is the big long slide and jump.When I went on the trapeze and the jungle bars I felt I was flying and I was so happy. The most fun was when we got to go around and explore Action World,trying our best and of course people cheering and the competition and Action World was so huge.When we came 2nd I was so proud of our group.We had such fun.The rides I like most was the big long slide and jump and watching the older people do tricks on the trapeze.I had so much fun and loved the games it was so cool.When it was the end of the day and we had to go back to school I was so unhappy because we finished our turn at Action World.