Thursday, March 28, 2013

Interview with Ruby the Kakariki


   Interview with Ruby the Kakariki (Transcript)

Bella: "Hello and welcome to the NZ New Zealand talkshow! Today I'm going to be interviewing the kakariki a.k.a red crowned parakeet. Say hello to the cheeky, mischievous, Ruby the kakariki!"

Ruby: "At last some adoring fans!"

Bella: "Ruby, tell me a bit about yourself."

Ruby: "Well, all I can say is that firstly kakariki aren't very well known, even though we are almost threatened and our population is always getting smaller. Furthermore, seeing as I'm a young female I'm only twenty-three centimetres tall (even though the average height for females is twenty-three to twenty-seven centimetres). Also, kakariki are protected species, which I think rocks!"

Bella: "Who or what are your predators?"

Ruby: "Cats. Especially Smokey, the cat next door to my nest. Everytime I go near him, he swipes his claws at me. I've lost a feather or two but I've lived to tell the tale! Since I'm a pet I'm not vulnerable to rats, stoats and weasels because they don't usually live in  a house."

Bella: "Do you know how humans save NZ birds from predators?"

Ruby: "Most of the time humans capture birds and bring them to a safer place where there are no predators. Sometimes humans just kill the predators to save the birds. Of course, that isn't the case with cats. Cats are loved heaps and heaps by their owners (but not by me). So if cats are the predators then humans usually go with option one."

Bella: "How would you describe yourself and how would other people describe you?"

Ruby: "I describe myself as cheeky but kind and caring. So-called "friendly neighbours" call me a pest, a nuisance because I'm always stealing fruit from their orchard. They can never catch me, thank goodness, because protected or not, that man has a rifle and he would quite happily shoot me down!"

Bella: "Any other facts you want to share?"

Ruby: "Well let's see. I also eat seeds and leaves. We are energetic birds and need space. Also, kakariki are rare in forests but common on islands."

Bella: "I've heard kakariki lay many eggs. Is that true?"

Ruby: "Actually, we don't lay too many eggs. Only four to nine. But I've got to find a mate first. Ooh, I'm hoping he'll be around twenty-seven to thirty centimetres tall. Well, he would be 'cause that' the average height for males."

Bella: "Thanks for coming Ruby! That's all for now but be sure to tune back in soon for the NZ New Zealand Talkshow!"

By Isabella