Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Thinking - What if we could visit the Sun?

This morning for Oral Language Mrs McGhie made us put some of our thinking hats on and share our ideas about this question with our buddy.  Here are some of the ideas our class came up with. Mrs McGhie thinks that we have very creative ideas.

Yellow Hat Ideas
It's big and  nice and warm and you could get a sun tan.
You wouldn't need to keep booking hair dressing appointments because the sun would turn your hair blond straight away.
No aliens could visit the sun because they'd burn up.
You wouldn't have to get a haircut becausethe sun would burn it off.
You could go to the Sun and then come back and tell the scientists about what you had seen on the Sun.
Because you won't be able to go to school you'd have to teach yourself while you're on the Sun.
You could see everything in Space if your were on the Sun.
You could see if there was a comet coming down to your planet and tell everyone there was a comet coming.

Black Hat Ideas
You'd get a sun tan.
You'll have to put LOTS of sun cream on.
It would be really hot and you might get really burnt.
You'll have to get lots of sun screen before you go up there - it would cost A LOT of money.
You couldn't put your space ship on the Sun because it would blow up.
It would shine in your face and you might go blind.
It's bad to go in the Sun because you might end up in an explosion.
Your friend might be an alien and they might blow up AND even with lots of sunscreen you wouldn't be able to cover yourself up enough and you might go red.
There will be heaps of storms on the Sun.
If you stay on the Sun for a big amount of time you could die.
If you put your feet on the Sun and you were in a space suit the suit would get all burned and you wouldn't be able to breathe.
You wouldn't be able to get there because your ship would only have enough fuel to get to the Moon.
You would have to take ages to get your food and then go to the Sun because it takes ages to get to the Sun.

It would be hard to get back to Earth because it's a long way away.
You wouldn't be able to go to the bathroom because there is no bathroom on the sun.

 Red Hat Ideas
Happy because it would be really fun.
Excited because it would be the first time on the Sun.
I'd be sad because I'd burn up.
I'd be curious because it would be probably the first time I've studied the Sun when I've been on the Sun.
Happy because I'd be warm.
Sad because my space ship might burn up.
Terrified because I'd be scared I'm going to die.
Nervous because I don't want to die when I walk my first footstep on the Sun.
I wouldn't feel anything because I'd already be dead.
I'd feel happy because then I could relax there.
I'd be happy because it would be my first time on the Sun.
Sad because I died at a young age.
I would feel boiling because the Sun is very hot on its outsides.

Green Hat Ideas
When you fly to the Sun you might land in an explosion so you'd need to go to a safer place like a black dot on the Sun.
I want to turn myself into a Zac Power agent so I can get a special gadget and zap the sun so it won't do nuclear blasts.
Go in a special spaceship with water guns on it and squirt water at the Sun to put it out so it's safe.
I'd go in a space ship made out of metal because sometimes metal doesn't get burnt.
Make a spaceship that wouild move as fast as light so it wouldn't get burnt up and we'd have special space suits that don't get burnt up.
Put a shield around the space ship made of see-through metal to bounce the heat back into the Sun.
I would go on a broomstick and I would have a wand and blow up the sun.
But if you put it out you won't be able to do scientific things on it.
Make a robot jet pack so if you got there and your ship explodes you could fly back to Earth on your jet pack plus you'd be able to fly above the Sun so your feet wouldn't get burnt.
You can invite aliens to a space ship and jump around.
I'd turn myself into Superman.
I'd go in a super dooper teleporter that never blew up and protected me.
If we didn't have the Sun it would be really dark all the time.

Blue Hat
Thinking about all our ideas we wondered if travelling to the Sun would really be possible and we decided that it probably wouldn't be because you'd burn up and the Sun is really too hot.  It takes 11 months to get there and people just haven't gone that far in Space yet.  Some of us think that it may be possible hundreds of years from now when technology is better and some of us think that it never will be.  We also wondered what would happen if the Sun blew up or went out or wasn't there any more.