Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fighting Fit

This term we have been learning about skeletons, hearts and brains. We have been doing skeletons reports. These are some facts we have learnt- your ear bone is the bone that keeps you balance. Your brain is the most important part in your body.
By NMc


Room 15 Sunnybrae Normal School said...

Dear room 6
We were excited to see your post on the blog. It seems funny that a bone can keep you balanced. That was an interesting new fact for us. Thank you for viewing and commenting on our blog. We hope you all have a great holiday and we look forward looking at your blog next term.
From Room 15 Suunybrae Normal school

glen said...

hello class, its tegan gore here. we are now living in durban south africa and we have monkeys living in our garden. they come everyday to visit us and even try and steal some food from us. its lots of fun. i am missing all of you. once my dad found a dead snake in the garden near the pool. please send me your news to lots
of love from tegan

Adelaide Crows said...

Hey guys

i can see you have learnt lots about skeletons. I never knew that your ear bone keeps you ballenced.

from Adelaide Crows

Freddy Jones said...

Dear Room 6,

I'm Freddy Jones. When I saw your learning I thought it was strange that your EAR bone. You must have worked really hard finding out about everything in your body like the skeleton and the brain. It seems that you have a GREAT teacher.

From your interested reader, freddy Jones.:)

Jeremiah said...

Thats a cool fact that the ear helps you keep yor balance.I didn't know that.check out our blog at