Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Trailer by JJ

This term we have learnt about book trailers. Book trailers are special video advertisements, sort of like film trailers, only these are for advertising books. We have been having a go at making our own book trailers. Here is one about "The Tale of Despereaux".


Ms H (in Bangkok, Thailand said...

I have only watched the movie of the Tale of Despereaux but now I'm thinking I should read the story. Did you create the drawings for your booktrailer yourself? I enjoyed the background music too, it reminded me of olden day times (just like in the movie).

Kathleen Hyman said...

Thank you very much and we really enjoyed it, it was good. Love from Nan-nan & Grandpa Hyman

Anonymous said...

cool hope you have lots of fun making your book trailers.