Monday, August 27, 2012

Insane Recipes - How to make a mud cake By M.S

How to make a mud cake. What you need: 1 litre of wet mud 1 handful of grass (just grass not any roots) 5 cups of self rising flour 1 teaspoon of milk powder A very sunny day A lot of experience Method 1: Pour half a litre of wet mud in a bowl. 2: Pour all 5 cups of self rising flour in the same bowl as the mud. 3: Mix the wet mud and the self rising flour with your hands till it is light brown or very fluffy. 4: Pour the rest of the wet mud in a different bowl with the milk and mix it. 5: Pour all the mixture in a bake tin and let it stay in a sunny spot for half an hour. 6:Finish the mud cake with the grass sprinkled on top of the cake. 7: Hope you enjoy it :D REMEMBER:don't eat it

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Cyber Kids said...


Funny and I like how it had mud :)

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