Monday, December 3, 2012

Why children should have ipads / ipods at school.

How can parents and teachers live their life knowing they are keeping children from using ipads / ipods at school? I don't know but I am starting to think they don't WANT us to have them. I think that we should have them and here are some reasons why:

They take up less space than laptops and computers, they are portable where as computers are not, the battery charge lasts for a long time and MANY other reasons.

They also have educational games and apps that can help with spelling and math. The speakers and camera allow kids to record / make videos of thier learning. You can get an internet app so that kids can reaserch information they need for certain subjects. Some even have wi-fi.

Have you ever wanted something that was small, portable, has internet, long lasting battery and doesn't need cables? That's precisley why I think kids should have ipads / ipods at school.

By : GrT


OVS Room 11 said...

Hi GrT - what a great Idea! I think kids should all have I-pads, it would be a wonderful learning tool. I am a bit worried about the cost though, what would some kids do if they could not afford an Ipad? What would happen if some people had one and others didn't? I worry they would feel left out.
How could we overcome this problem?
Thanks Mrs Holmes

Mrs Campbell said...

I think you have some very good points here and I agree iPads are a lot lighter and more portable. I prefer ipad to my laptop. Do you practise your spelling and Maths on your ipad or iPod at home?

Mrs Rauby said...

I think that Ipads in the classroom are a good idea. I have one at home and it is amazing!

How will make sure that the children don't drop them in the classroom? Somehow they need to be protected.

Mrs Rauby :)

Mr K said...

You raise a great point about battery life, the batteries on our school laptops can be so frustrating!
Do you have an iPod or iPad at home?

Miss A said...

Great GRT, you have thought carefully about this. I agree, Ipads can be an excellent teaching tool. Have you thought about some of the financial reasons behind not having Ipods/Ipads in school?

Anonymous said...

Mrs Holmes,
You have a very good point and I see how that would be a big problem. I don't know yet but I am working on a soloution
- GrT

Anonymous said...

Mrs Campbell,
No, I don't practise any homework at home on my iPod because it is a generation one. so sadly, I can't install any more apps. - GrT

Anonymous said...

Mrs Rauby,
That is a good point,
Maybe they should always have a cover or case on them and students stay at the tables with them? - GrT

Anonymous said...

Mr K,
Yes, I have an iPod at home. It is nice because it is so poratable. - GrT

Anonymous said...

Miss A,
Yes, that is probably the reason why children don't have iPads / iPods at school. It is quite annoying how they are very expensive. - GrT

Anonymous said...

Mrs Holmes,
I may have come up with a temporary solution ??
Children who couldn't afford iPads/iPods could bring a tablet instead. That's all I've got but it probably won't help G.T