Monday, July 8, 2013

Where in the World is Mrs McGhie - Day 1

Hi Room 20

Ronan and I have arrived safely in London. Ronan wasn't too pleased to have been in my suitcase for the whole trip. 

We flew over all sorts of interesting places such as Afghanistan, Poland and Germany. The plane was cruising at 40 000 feet and the outside temperature was -47 degrees Fahrenheit - see if you can find out what those are in metres and degrees Celsius. 

We arrived here in the late afternoon, it would have been 3:00am your time.

Tonight my mum and I went for a walk along the River Thames, which is beside our hotel. We saw the clock tower where Big Ben is

the London Eye

The Houses of Parliament 

and Westminster Abbey ( I'll put photos up of this later as they are on my proper camera and not my phone).

Hope you are all working hard.

Mrs McGhie


Dana said...

HI Mrs McGhie!I've never been to London and it looks so cool! Oh and I LIKE RONAN SO MUCH

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun!
Did you go on the london eye?
Brooke, Izzy and Kirsty.

Kirstin Anderson-McGhie (Keamac) said...

Hi girls,

We haven't been on the London Eye yet - there are huge crowds of people there when ever we walk past.

Mrs McGhie & Ronan

genell said...

wow it looks awesome i love the london eye where are you going next ?

Cyber Kids said...

Did you go on the londern eye and see the amazing view and roaman looks very happy :)