Friday, November 22, 2013

Flying High

My heart was racing, my head was pounding, and sweat was slithering down my back as my turn on the Rambo had come up. The Rambo Bridge was a humongous tree with a big log attached to it. I took a deep breath...That didn’t help. I gulped in a whole heap of smoke and burnt pancakes. YUK! I looked behind me and saw another group cooking. “It’s your turn James”, Yelled the instructor. As I approached the ladder my legs were shaking. “I can do this, I can do this”, I thought to myself. I started to climb up. I felt like the world was going in slow motion as I was climbing. Suddenly I gave up. I couldn’t go any more. My legs Said,”Stop! “. “Can I come down now?” I said nervously. He didn’t hear. “Um can I come down now!? “Sorry what?” Said the instructor. It was no point he wouldn’t hear. I tugged the rope to say I’ve had enough. The instructor told me to jump down. I didn’t refuse I jumped and landed safely. “So anyone for second turns?” I sighed and said, No thanks.

The next activity was raft building,”It can’t be that bad”, I thought. I was wrong the girls were running and pushing whatever was in their way. “To see what I thought” I thought. My eyes widened. Sheep! Sheep! What on earth would you want to see sheep for all they do is eat, sleep and poop Raft buildings far more interesting”, I said in disgust. I sighed and walked away. First things first, safety, we put on life jackets and helmets. Then we had to build a raft included: 4 barrels, bamboo and rope. My group planned what it would look like. To be honest my plan was far more interesting but then again, “ 1 vs. 6 girls” I thought. “Ok this is how you tie a knot” said the instructor. I didn’t listen and soon enough the time came. Time to tow in the boat. COLD IN THE CROTCH! I felt my legs go numb and the water was so cold it stung. “Oh no! Instructor please stop talking!” I thought. I was in agony.”

“No I won’t do it I just won’t do it”, I said nervously. “C’mon do it. If you do the flying kiwi I will do the Rambo bridge”, said Mrs McGhie, “By the way I’m scared of heights”. That made things easier but I still couldn’t decide. I felt like the world depended on me. It was a hard decision I didn’t want to do it but I wanted Mrs McGhie to do the Rambo Bridge. In a flash I said yes. I was nervous but not as nervous as when I did the Rambo Bridge. I tried to make it look like I was messing up while putting on the harness; it didn’t make a difference. At least I was last. James your turn’s up! “What?!” I said in shock. “M-m-my turn? Really”, I said in confusion. I didn't know what was going on. I got hooked up to the rope and was ready. 3...2...1. GO! “Ahhhhhhhh”,I yelled. Woah this is awesome I had been fired straight up into the air. I started to come down. “ I wasn’t to do this again”, I shouted. “ Well this means I have to do the Rambo bridge but good job!”, said Mrs McGhie. Wow from being so nervous to do it again!

Go Mrs McGhie! Go Mrs McGhie!”, yelled everyone. Mrs McGhie took off her glasses and started to climb up the Rambo Bridge. Mrs McGhie bolted up and in no time she was up. I could tell Mrs McGhie was terrified. She started walking across very nervously. Mrs McGhie got about half way and stopped she was too scared. Wow! When she came down upside down! “yeah!!!”yelled everyone once again. “Mrs McGhie that was an awesome deal”, I said “That was a huge deal”, Mrs McGhie replied.

By James


Anonymous said...

nice long story james. Nice climbing

Cyber Kids said...

To James and Mrs McGhie
Well done on a nice achievement it is great to see what you guys have done excellent.

From Cooper and Room 20

Cyber Kids said...

Nice story james.

Cyber Kids said...

I like you're story James.