Saturday, August 1, 2009

Learning to Animate

Mrs Mc taught K.H and some other children how to use Paint and Power Point to make animations. We thought it was really cool and we all want to learn how to make our own animations. Mrs Mc started off by creating 5 pictures to show us how to do it. Then K.H. got to use Mrs Mc's pictures to create 3 more pictures to add to the animation. The animation in this post was created by Mrs Mc and K.H.together.
K.H. then got to start working on his own animation and has had a very busy day creating graphics for his animation. He's going to finish it next week to share with us all. K.H. is also going to become the class expert and teach some more of us how to make animations. This means we get to be experts too and teach other children in our class.
Make sure you check back regularly to see our animations as we add them.


Moturoa said...

Well done.

I nliked the way that they bird flew down and back p into the tree.

I wonder if it took a long time to make.

Allanah K

Teacher in Nelson, NZ

AJ said...

In liked the animation a lot i liked the way that at the last second the spider gets out of the way.

Dylan said...

That was funny how the bird flew right into the ground and then into the tree.

oscar said...

I find this animation quite funny because the spider just moves to the side and the bird misses.

Jorge said...

Is it hard to make the pictures? I think that the bird is cool looking.

Anonymous said...

I liked your animation! How did you "draw" the pictures so well? they are awsome! I'm jelous.