Monday, January 18, 2010

Preparing for the New School Year

The new school year starts in New Zealand in just a few weeks time. There will be a new bunch of friends joining Mrs McGhie and we are lucky enough to be moving into a brand new classroom. Our cluster map has reset itself and Mrs McGhie has made changes to the appearance of the blog in preparation for her new class. Please pop back in a few weeks time when we will resume or regular blogging.


Scoopers said...

Wow! Welcome back Room 16! I love the look of your page! I work with some Year 5/6 children in Dunedin and we are looking forward to watching and reading your blog this year!Have a fantastic first week back!

Mrs Bee and Room 7, St Clair School

Anna said...

Hello room 16 cyber kids! I am excited that your school year has started back up. Oh pardon me I have not yet introduced myself have I? Well my name is Anna and I am excited to have the pleasure to come on this blog. I am a fifth grader at east elementary school in the United States. I also think that you have some great work up here. When you start the school year how many times do you feel that rush about seeing all of your friends and all your old teachers? (And by old I mean your previous teachers.) Well weather you do or don't I was excited to comment. Thank you and have great days and great nights!