Friday, February 12, 2010

Our First Few Weeks of School

We've had a great time during our first weeks at school. We've read "The Hole in the King's Sock" by Dot Meharry and "Is That An Earthquake" by Jennifer Cooper.

We have learnt a new place value game called "Traffic Light". It's fun and it helps us to learn about 3 digit numbers. Today we learnt a new place value game "Close to 100" but we find that one a bit tricky at the moment.

We have been learning about the Treaty of Waitangi and Mrs McGhie read us a really cool book about the Treaty House - the house in the book could talk!!! But, we know that it doesn't in real life.

We've written a recount about what we did in the holidays. We had to use the 5 W and 1 H questions to organise our thinking.

We are going to be learning all about New Zealand this term. Please keep visiting our blog to hear all about our exciting learning.


Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato. said...

Will make sure that we follow your class blog in Room 8 this year! Can't wait to see some of the work and ideas that your students will come up with, we will share this site with our students on Monday.

Anonymous said...

hi there room 16 from Dunedin NZ! It is lovely to see you online and blogging again. Mrs Bee is going to add you to our class blogroll ( She is missing her DeClairers and looking for new ways to link to classes. We see you are learning about NZ this term. We are busy with camp and the school fair so our inquiry will be running for half of the year. We are going to be scientists investigating how natural and manmade events effect our beach. We will then look for ways that we can help preserve and look after our beach. You might like to ask us questions... We have a beautiful beach at the lower end of the south island...

Juan said...

Dear Room 16 Cyber Kids,

What is the Treaty Waitangi. Also how cool of a blog that you have. How did you put those monkeys on the blog. If you ever want to tell me how to put those up. Thanks.


Duc said...

Hi. I think your first day of school is cool when you guy did it. And The game call traffic light sound fun. I know about three digit number in third grade and now I'm in fifth grade. I hope you got a great day through your school year.