Monday, April 2, 2012

The Oteha Valley school house challenges

Yesterday was the Oteha Valley School House Challenges. It was in the period between
morning tea and lunch. There are four houses:Batten the blue house, Rutherford the red house, Hillary the green house and Sheppard the yellow house, each based on a famous New Zealander. Every child in every class was in a different house.I was in Batten,Jean Batten's house. The Year 1's and 2's went first-they did a running race where you had to touch a green basin,then run back to the line. I'm not sure who won though, either Sheppard or Rutherford or Hillary.After,the Year 3's and 4's went.They
had to do a dress up race. They ran to a pile of clothes, got dressed up in them, ran back to the line, then ran back and took the clothes off before the next people in the other teams did.Then the year 5's and 6's went(Me!Ellie wasn't present(Sick)on the Monday)We did a sack race,then a tiring race where therewere 5 hoops,with 5 people in them,and we had to dance with them with a mini beanbag on our heads.Sheppard came first in the challenges,Batten second,Hillary third and Rutherford last or Rutherford third and Hillary last.It was exciting and FUN,FUN,FUN.
By Kayla

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i like the dance thing it really good

Megan h