Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Amazing Twilight Gala!

Finally the 16 of March, I have been waiting for the first ever Twilight Gala held at Oteha Valley School. I was at home getting ready for the senior kapahaka to perform on the court in front of everyone. one of my friends and I had to do a speech, but we jut didn't want to do it on the microphone. But we did it, it wasn't that bad. We went onto the court and we had some cones around us so that no one would get in our way and muck us up. So me and my friend had to try and squeeze through everyone so that we could get to our places. We wore pretty long maori designed dresses just for the senior kapahaka girls could wear. The boys wore a piupiu and a headband but made bigger and it was down the sides of their bodies. The girls wore a clip on earing, a moko and some more makeup. it took us about 1 hour to do the seniors and the juniors kapahaka


daisy kippin said...

i would love to do that

daisy kipiin said...

i would love to do that