Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cross Country + Inter-School

“3, 2, 1, GO!" I jogged down the hill passing the other girls, and then I turned the corner. After turning the corner I had to run up the hill, boy that was tiring, but I wasn't puffed out yet! Now we went down a hill, through some trees and back in the bright yellow sun.

It was time to run up the big, tall hill. I jogged up the hill with sweat running down my face and a small painful stitch in my tummy. So far I was 4th.  Finally we got to go down the hill, Yay! Now we went back the way we came. Oh no! Another hill!

Before I knew it a girl passed me, oh how it would be a dream to come top 5. (I have never come top 5.)

I was back in the school grounds. Almost there! I was on the field still in 5th place. Then I decided that I could run fast enough to pass the two girls in front of me, and I did it! I was 3rd now. I hope I will stay in this position until the end! Oh, another hill, I jogged up quite slowly. Then I was close to the finish line. I jogged in the middle of the court, everyone was cheering, and...and... I made it! I was 3rd. my dream had come true! It was quite different this year because all the fast girls apart from one, didn’t come top 5! That was a change. Then it was all over. The intermediate I am going to next year you can choose to do cross country. Should I or should I not do it? Anyway I was so glad it was over. I had a great time then ever! (Because it was the first time I came third) I can’t wait until inter- school!


Even though it is the last day of term 2 and Inter-School was ages ago I'm still going to write about this fun and tiring event.

I sat in the car thinking of what inter-school was going to be like. When we got there I was so excited! ( The event was held at Long Bay Primary School) After we had a trial of the course the races began. When the 10/11 year old girls were up, my heart started to beat as fast as a cheetah running, I was so nervous.

"3, 2, 1, GO!" I sprinted as fast as I could. Through the muddy hill we went. Then around the cones, through the trees and up the hill. I sprinted down the hill as fast as I could, I was totally puffed out. Then it was time for the GINOURMOUS hill. I jogged up the hill with a big stitch in my tummy. Almost there! Down the hill we go, around the corner, and around the corner again, and I was back where I started. I ran around the field and... I made it! I was so proud of myself though I came 8th to last. I had a great day, and I got an ice block after school!


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it seems good

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you need some paragraphs

Anonymous said...

you need some paragraphs.

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that is right far

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Hi my name is Lewis and I think that piece of writing was excellent with description.However, the only thing I think you could do next time is use some paragraphs.
What do you think?

Megan T said...

Paragraphs..... :)

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use some paragraphs

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Hey Room 20,

Good job on coming 3rd place! Good thing you had fun.

Here in my intermediate school we don't get to choose whether we want to do cross country.

Hope you choose to join cross country, it's fun!


J.C said...

Hello everyone thank you for commenting, I had a lot of requests to arrange paragraphs. However on that day I wrote it I forgot to write in paragraphs! Thank you anyway for requesting and I have done what all of you asked me to do that was putting the words into paragraphs!