Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Cross country

On Friday 25 May our school did the cross country. We had to dress up in our house colours my house colour is red. After morning tea we it was time to do the cross country. First 7 year olds, then 8 year olds, 9 year olds and finally my age group 10/11 year olds. We all lined up, people keep going over the start line because they were so eager. Then all of a sundder 3,2,1 GO!!. First down the steep hill. Then up a steep hill. I was just cruising along then suddenly 5 people passed me. I speed up as fast as I could I got passed them. I was really trying to beat my friend this year because when we do the practise I only beat him by like 10 metres. 500 metres to go i am beating him by 4 metres then suddenly he got a minor asthma attack I stopped went back walk a bit with him that didn't matter because I was beating the rest of the people by about 100 metres. I think I was coming about 8th at the time then he said "you can go on" So I did I got back I was not sure what I came but my friend Dylan came 1st ever since year 1 he has come 1st. I saw my friend come in he was alright he went home early. It was so fun. By Thomas

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