Monday, March 21, 2011

Chunky chalk

Last Thursday Mrs McGhie made chunky chalk with us.
What we needed was:
  •  1cup of Plaster of Paris 1/2
  •  a table spoon of dye
  • water
  • a mixing bowl and a spoon to mix with.
We did chunky chalk for our topic Changes.
On Friday all our chalk set.
Then we took the chalk out and drew with it on concrete.
We all like Mrs McGhie because she does lots of cool things with us.

From H.C.


Scoopers, St Clair School said...

That sounds like a whole lot of fun! That recipe is new to me... looking forward to trying it with my own class. I am also looking forward to seeing some of your photos!

Maureen said...

That sounds like fun. Do you think Food colouring would work as a dye?

Barb said...

This is new for me too. Chunky chalk! Sounds like a fun thing to do. DO you have any pictures of making it or your drawings?

Mr McGhie said...

Chunky Chalk looks awesome - so awesome that I will have to try this at home when Mrs McGhie is at school!! but shhh don't tell her - it will be a surprise. - from Mr McGhie

Mia said...

We tryed it and we had to do it more than one time because some of them hardened in the bowl but my one worked realy well! Me and Bradley was usesing it at our house! From Mia :) Burravoe School