Friday, March 11, 2011

What we did last week?

Last week we went to look at the comments about Rohi's travels that she has had.  Last week we did some fun stuff like doing art. We had to have one piece of paper each with lots of different shapes on.  After that we had to draw our  hand on and had to colour it in with hot colours like red, orange and yellow.  We had to colour it in with hot patterns.   It was the most fun art that we've done all term.  We did it with Mrs Jones.  We also did singing and we are a little bit good - we always practise in the hall.  On Monday we did fitness and played Octopus.  It was very hard to run past all those fast running taggers.  It was good exersise for us. We  looked at lots of photos of  Rohi and comments about what Rohi had done during the weeks.  We've heard lots about Rohi's travels so far.  She still has lots to go on her travel.  Then she comes back to us once she's had her travels to many different places in New Zealand.  I wonder if Rohi had a nice time so far on her travels?

from JMcC and DK


Scoopers, St Clair School said...

Hi there Room 16... Rohi was going to come on camp with the Scoopers last week but she got to Dunedin a little bit late and we had already left without her! As it turns out, she has been off on her own adventures in the back of a courier's van. My friend was meant to drop her off at camp but he was so busy, he drove on by! We can only imagine what stories Rohi has to tell about that part of her journey but we will make sure the Scoopers update about her travels soon!

Barb said...

What a busy time you are having at school. My class liked to play Octopus as well. It always got them puffed out. Rohi is coming to stay with me soon. I go and visit lots of schools so I will be taking Rohi on lots of visits.