Thursday, November 29, 2012

Children Should have iPods, iPads and iPhones At School

Parents say "No you'll lose it at school" tired of your parents saying that. Well give this to your parents, teachers and even your principal and see their reaction, I’m sure you will be able to take the device to school.

Your children’s interest in learning can increase big-time. Instead of book, pen/cil and other stationery, you only need your finger. This device can last your child’s learning yeas from primary to high school, and it can cost less than stationery. It is boring working from a sheet, the iPods and iPads/ iPhone learning games are interactive. If you get it wrong it will give you a strategy to help you, so you will get it right and understand it better.

If children aren’t aware of the future technology then when they grow up they will not know how to use the device. If they want to become something good (I mean in a job) let them have any device. They will know and get more chances of getting into a good job. If they don’t know devices they won’t communicate, play, and work in the new version and will get stuck in the old fashioned way.

Teachers can give kids homework, check it and talk through it. With Facetime, teachers can tutor or help kids with their school homework.
There are new & improved, school & homework games for teachers, parents & students, so that means better, exciting and interactive learning games. These learning games also can help disabled people to recover and learn.

Concentration is a very important thing, bringing this device can increase your or your child’s concentration. The games and learning games are interactive, exciting, funny, creative and child safe. How can your concentration increase you say? Well the game focuses you on one subject/topic and you are actually concentrating. Book and pen/cil is not such a well focusing tool (I say) you get easily distracted.

So it can be good, I think iPods and iPads and iPhones should be allowed at schools for learning, concentration, improved learning games and future tech.     



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