Monday, November 26, 2012

Our stream trip

Aaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!, I find a Leech  - the girls are screaming. Mrs McGhie comes and tells them to stop. We got split up into groups. Sally, the Watercare teacher, comes.  I ask her if it was a blood sucking Leech  or not and she said that it wasn't a blood sucker.

Our group found lots of Back Swimmers. When I stepped on some grass it sank to the water and the water soaked my shoes and socks.

We tested the water with these paper things and there was a piece of paper that went from 14 to 1, 14 was the cleanest and 1 was the dirtiest. We got 10 which means that  it was quite clean. 

I wanted to find a dragonfly but I didn't have any luck - it was hard.

Thanks for reading my stream trip recount. Don't litter your rubbish so you can save our streams and the stream life.

By Blake

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Hafsa said...

Looks like a brilliant trip i hope it was like our trip to the black country musuem