Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Children Should have iPads and iPods at School

Hi, I am Ellie and today I am going to convince you that iPads and iPods are allowed at school. Although that doesn't sound very school like and educational I am going to convince you!

Firstly iPod touches and iPads can be very educational because you can download educational games. There are a variety of learning games in the app store. Many are free. Kids enjoy iPods and iPads so kids would love it. iPods have educational songs so you can learn lots.

iPods and iPads can be very handy because if the teacher needs the children to do something on the mat the children could do it on their iPad. iPads are very useful and popular so we kids would enjoy it.

Having iPods and iPads at school is wonderful because children like me, can learn more about technology. iPods and iPads can be spontaneously fun, funnily enough. Kids love swiping and touching iPads so kids can be extra nice to the teachers if the teachers say that if you are naughty you can't go on your iPod/iPad. Teaching can be very easy.

On a wet day iPods/iPads can be breathtakingly fun.On a wet day you can't go outside so iPods/iPads are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Great entertaainment!

Why sit and play a boardgame when you could be playing the latest game on your iPad? Why listen to someone reading when you could be listening to a famous actor reading it? Why take technology lessons when you could be playing a game? We are modern now, so act modern?

By Ellie


Cyber Kids said...

I really liked it, if I was a principal I would have iPod and iPads at my school and you would convince others (teachers and principal) to have iPod and iPads at school.

Cyber Kids said...

the first comment was by manishka
just letting you know

Anonymous said...

i agree
plus u can keep ur notes on it