Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Bullying is a verb, meaning: being mean and hurting someone. Bullying happens in schools, but it can also happen in adult life. This is not a just about hurting someone by saying something and it is not even hitting someone because you hate them. It is a crime, that you'll need to get punished. Bullying can cause the victim to commit suicide, and that's why it is a crime that you should never do in your life. Here are some different types of bullying.

Psychological Bullying
Usually bullying happens in schools. The bullies are trying to make their victim think they're useless, weird, and different from others. The bullies try to take the victims friends away to feel lonely. The bullies laugh at them, spread rumours, and etc. This is nearly invisible to the victims parents or their caregivers. A bully usually have sidekicks to make sure they're not alone, but sometimes the sidekick runs away and leave the bully all alone.

Cyber Bullying
Cyber bullying basically means 'online bullying'. It happens on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Bullying on internets can spread rumors quickly because if one of the bully post something that is not good for the victim. Then another person shares the photo and others can easily share too! That's the bad thing about cyber bullying. This happens to teenagers because 10 year olds can't join facebook or twitter. Cyber bullying collects more people to join the main bully to make the victim more uncomfortable.

Physical Bullying
Physical bullying is the most violent bullying. It is very hurtful of the victim. However, this bullying can stop easily because the victim's body might bleed from the bullies and their parents will notice easily.
Then the parents will put a stop to it. But the victim feels shy of themselves and wipe out all the evidance and just keep normal. Care about your child more to make them have happy, good adulthood.

As it says on the top paragraph bullying is nearly invisible from the victim's parents. Therefore, bullying can cause many problems in the future. Getting bullied is not a shy thing so be confident and speak to the bullies, and tell an adult that you trust. Get some trusted friends to help you out with the bullies. If you see someone getting bullied maybe you can help the victim to get out of the bullies. If you get an email that seems like bullying resend it to your parents so you have evidence, and tell them don't send any of this stuff. Hope you are not getting bullied!

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