Friday, September 6, 2013

I met a dragon

I am looking around. Puffing. This forest is filled with tall trees that block my my sight and I can't see which direction I need to go in. I tried to find the way. However it just made me go deeper into the tall-tree forest. Suddenly a drop of rain raced down to my glassess and made me look for somewhere to cover myself from the rain. Suddenly a black stoney cave got caught in my eyesight. I quickly ran into the stoney cave without thinking. I breathed out air and I could feel breathe back.

 I was curious about the breath and my brain commanded my feet to creep deeper in. I couldn't control my body which wasn't a good sign. That might be an animal. Bear? Lion? About ten more seconds and I could see two bright lights. I wonder what it is.....?

 Soon I could see black dot in the middle of each lights. What could that be? A lamp with moth trapped inside? An eye? Eye? E...eye!!? I screamed  as hard as I could. I felt my whole mouth shaking. I was so confused. I dropped my whole body on the ground and my glasses slipped out of my face. I could feel my cheek burning and I was about to run away. 3...2...1..go!!! But oh gosh my legs fell asleep! All I could hear was growling from the unknown creature. I was saying bye to everyone in my mind.... I still couldn't figure out what creature was growling. In about 5 seconds I could see the skin of it. It looked green and rough. What could THAT be?? Soon I was saying "okay..I am going to be eaten by a cave-living crocodile...I didn't know my end of the life would be this mangy..... I gulped. Soon something weird was stuck next to the cave-living crocodile.....

HOLY DRAGONS!! Okay maybe I was wrong. I was going to get eaten by a dragon. I have never seen it before.

                                                      TO BE CONTINUED....

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Room 18 said...

Cool Dana!
I like the describing sentences you used and also the complex sentence: "Suddenly a drop of rain raced down to my glassess and made me look for somewhere to cover myself from the rain."
Maybe next time you should check for typos though!