Thursday, September 12, 2013

How Slime Teleported to Minecraft and was Defeated by Steve

                                                                  Part 6
I woke up again. "Time to go mining" I thought. So I grabbed my Diamond Pickaxe, my Diamond Sword and 10 cooked porkchops. I walked down the stairs in my mineshaft. I started mining. And guess what I found-a ravine with a STRONGHOLD!!! I went into it and I just needed 1 eye of ender to finish the portal. I started looking for obsidian to go to the Nether to find Blazes to get Blaze rods to make Blaze powder to make an eye of ender. So I started mining the obsidian that I just found. I went back to my house. I made the portal took my flint and steel and it made the purple particles appear. I jumped in.

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