Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Similes  @===|--------------->

The tornado was as fast as a cheetah riding a Bugatti on a lightning bolt
The tornado was like me in a spaceship in a black hole

The earth quake was rumbling like a giant jumping on the ground
The earthquake  is like a self destruct button on the earth being pushed

The eruption is as hot as putting boiling water on you
The eruption is like a the sun throwing fire at you

The flood is like god placed his pool over us
The flood is as cold as an ice block in the freezer

The drought is as dry as the Sahara desert
The drought is like pan on the earth


Jana said...

I liked all the similies, but who wrote this?

Brooke said...

Also love the similies and great description!
But who is the person who wrote this?

Cyber Kids said...

Oh sorry just dreyden