Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Poem of Love and Hate


Love is a brilliant hot pink

It smells like hot cocoa on a cold day

It tatses like melted marshmallows

Love sounds like a rooster crowing

It feels like a warm room in winter

It looks like snow falling gently on to the ice

Love lives in someones heart!



Hate is a rough navy blue

It smells like revenge brewing up

It tastes like burnt pikelets

Hate sounds like bones clicking

It feels like mushy peas in my hands

It looks like an angry wilderbeast

Hate lives alone in a box!

By Brooke


Cyber Kids said...

Dear Brooke
I love the way you described the colours of love as brilliant and hate as rough.You did a great job of doing the opposite of an abstract noun.

From Holly K.

Grace said...

Hi Brooke!
I love your poem and the descriptive words you used.

Jana said...

Dear Brooke,
I really like how you described love and hate!
From Jana