Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Safari Poem.

I went on a safari and I saw 10 leopards leaping through the shady forest.
9 spider monkeys swinging on the big green vines.
8 giraffes chomping on at the tall trees.
7 elephants stomping on the muddy ground.
6 deers drinking the glittering oasis.
5 lions catching their prey.
4 tigers sleeping in the big green bushes.
3 zebras scampering across the ground.
2 jaguars screeching in the wind.
1 snake slithering up a tree.

By Izzy


Anonymous said...

Nice poem.
Has lots of description.

Room 18 said...

Cool poem Izzy!
I liked the way you counted down instead of up.
How did you get the idea and did you really go on a safari?