Friday, August 2, 2013

How Slime teleported to Minecraft and was defeated by Steve (Part 2)

I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't get back to my family,my house,world. It started getting cold so I started getting wood and making wooden planks. I knew that the 1st thing to make, is a house. Then I had to make a crafting table to make a door and some wooden tools. Then I went out of my house to take a look around. I was in the snow biome.So I grabbed out my shovel and started making a stairway down into the ground.The only stuff that I found was stone and 11 pieces of coal. I went back to my house and make some torches. I didn't wanna kill sheep for wool so I wanted to find to iron first to make shears.  To be continued from Part 3.
By Illya


Cyber Kids said...

from jamon
good job illya

Cyber Kids said...

From Illya
Thanks Jamon

Cyber Kids said...

To Illya
I really liked the way you described the story.
From J.R.