Friday, August 2, 2013

Dragon attack

"Whoosh" a gust of misty air licked my forid."Boom!" What was that ghastly noise. I turn around and I get the fright of my life,dragons are attacking;I sprinted the leaves groaned at every step I took."Whizz" a fire ball shot through the air at great speed,and when it hit the soft ground the trees caught flames like a deadly disease."Roar!" A dragon has spotted me with its eagle eye,I thought I was up for sudden death;The terrible dragon had shiny light green scales,that could probably blind you in one look;"Gulp" the second I sighted the dragons mouth I felt paralyzed in fear,the dragon's teeth were a big as menhirs and as sharpas machetes."Whizz" "Whizz" another 2 fire balls sail through the air,1goes astray, but alas I get hit by the second.My skin is screaming with pain.I take my last final breath then all life has drained from me and I take my final stand at the dragon's nest as supper.

By Hamish Smith.

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Jana said...

I liked the way you made an image in my mind.