Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Calamity With The Fiend Group

Who is your favourite character in this story and why?

The first person to reply to this post needs to write the answer to this question in the comments section.  Before they post the comment they also need to add a new question at the bottom of their comment for the next person to answer.  The next person will do the same thing when they comment.

Make sure you put your first name (if you have that consent) or your initials at the bottom of your comment.


grace said...

I like Charlie because she stands up to Angela when Angela tries to take credit for a painting Charlie does.

Question: what do you think was the worst (evil) thing Angela thought of doing?

K.W said...

Angela is my favourite character
because she amuses me.She causes trouble everywhere she goes and she often makes me laugh!

Why do you think Charlie agrees to play with Angela if she annoys Charlie?


K.W said...

Angela is my favourite character because she is funny and she amuses me.

Do you think Charlie likes Angela?
Why/why not?

J.C. said...

WOW! Clamity with the fiend group is so good! You have all finished the story and you guys have put up the most comments here!

Well Done (Even though I'm not the teacher I really mean it!)


Nikita said...

I think Charlie liked Angela at the begining but when it got to the end she didn't because she keeps playing pranks on her and makes her look stupid by the pranks she does.

How would you feel if Angela was your Fiend?

Kayla said...

It's me again!
Angela is my favourite character because she likes to play pranks but I wonder if she is ever sensible(It doesn't say in the book!)
An answer to Nikita's question:
I would feel kind of annoyed and..well...frightened(kind of)
because Angela gets away with everything she does!

Question:What was your favourite part in the story?
Why/why not?