Monday, September 10, 2012

Guess - A Storybird

Guess- A Storybird

Guess on Storybird This a story that my friend N.Z. and I (J.C.) made this story. We made this story on a very cool and awesome website called Storybird. This is a very neat website for use in schools. Why is that? Here are some reasons:
 1. Teachers account is enabled
 2. Teachers can make as many accounts for students in your class of pupils.
 3. Students can improve their writing skills using this website.
 4. Students will enjoy this fun websites.
 5. Other people give you the chance to use their art to make your very own stories.
 6. Pupils can make stories with other children in their class to make a collaborative story in and out of    

 And many other features. All these features are included in a regular account and a teachers account. Some features are locked on  pupils account. For example on a pupils account you can not post Storybirds on blogs and other places.

I hope you enjoy/enjoyed my story. Have a great time making stories!!!

By J.C.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you those are really interesting benefits from writing with Storybird.

Do you think it is better than writing and publishing in a book? Why or why not?

Mrs Mac

Blake said...

This storybird is very cool. It must have taken forever to make it very long and great

Do you like this storybird?

good jod JC20Mac

grace said...

to J.C and N.Z,
I really like your story.
i like thecriptions you used

Cyber Kids said...

No, I think writing and pubishing on the computer because you can more exciting to use a mix of ICT and writing together and also you can learn new things from trying it out on the computer ;).


Cyber Kids said...

Hey Blake. I have a feeling it's Blake from class. Thank you for enjoying my story but actually I made the story with N.Z. as well. Thx anyway.


J.C said...

Hi Grace. I guessing it's Grace from class (coz I saw you writing a comment on the computer!) Thanks for commenting and N.Z. and I are very pleased that you enjoyed the Storybird.