Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Simple Recipies- How To Make Merigues

This is a Recipie on how to make Merigues. It is very simple and easy to make ;). These are the Ingrediants:

2 Egg whites
A pinch of Cream Of TarTar
Half a cup of sugar
Whipped Cream(optional)

Mixing bowl
Whisk or Electric
Whisk (Electric Whisks will make it quicker to make)
Baking tray Baking or Parchment paper
Greaseproof baking spray
Spoon, Piping bag or Ice-cream scoop


Step 1: Preheat the oven to 100degrees celcius.
Step 2: Add your 2 egg whites to the mixing bowl and beat untill white fluffy peaks form..
Step 3: Once you have finished step two add a little bit of sugar, mix it and repeat this process untill you have no more sugar left and mixture forms stiff peaks. ( You can cheack by holding the bowl upside down, if the mixture doesn't fall out your ready for the next step!)
Step 4: Greaseproof spray your tray and cut some parchment paper. Lay the paper on the tray.
Step 5: Add a spponful of your mixture to the tray to create one merigue. (You can use a piping bag or an ice-cream scoop
Step 6: Leave in the oven for 1hour.
Step 7: Once it is finished turn the oven off and leave them in the oven to cool down for 1hour.
Step 8: Serve with whipped cream and strawberries! (optional)

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Giane said...

Last week I made these delicious meringues with my mom.It was so yummy.

I actually ate 3 my mum ate 3 my brother ate 4 and my dad are 2.

Thank you for making that recipie.