Tuesday, September 11, 2012


OMG!!! It is the 11 of September and the first production performance is in 7 days! Our performances are on the 18,19 and 20 of September.
I play the part of Emily and I am also involved in the dance troupe also known as the GATE dance group. We have been interupted with lots and lots of production practice which I'm happy about but sometimes it gets very boring.
The most exhausted person in the class (beacuse of production...) is probably Mrs Mac and Z.T. as Mrs Mac leads the choir and Z.T is the grandma which is basiclly the most important role in the production (out of the kids).
I hope to see you there!! (only iif you live in N.Z)


Cyber Kids said...

very true J.C Production can get very boring I'm one of the Phatty phat phat men as you would know I can't belive that its the 18th today I'm so pumped


J.C said...

I'm J.C not J.C. production. That just labels


Giane said...

Hi JC you are so right the production is very tiring but fun.
I am part of the quire so we have to practice a lot and also stand up lots too.

I wish the people will love the show.