Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fernitickles Group

Who is your favourite character in this story and why?

The first person to reply to this post needs to write the answer to this question in the comments section.  Before they post the comment they also need to add a new question at the bottom of their comment for the next person to answer.  The next person will do the same thing when they comment.
Make sure you put your first name (if you have that consent) or your initials at the bottom of your comment.


Anonymous said...

My favorite charactrer is the otters becuase they helped Dunkin's family.Also they are so cute.

2Q.If you were a character in the story what would you want to be ?


Anonymous said...

My faverite person is dancan cose he is the star and he is aventrist and loves oters and triys to save the oters. Why did the king want so meny fish? and Why dose the king want to kill some oters? by s.r