Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hollie Chips Group

Who is your favourite character in this story and why?

The first person to reply to this post needs to write the answer to this question in the comments section.  Before they post the comment they also need to add a new question at the bottom of their comment for the next person to answer.  The next person will do the same thing when they comment.

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CK said...


Because she is the kind of girl who takes alot of risks

Why did Phlipa,John Johns and Ethel start to beleive Hollie?


Cyber Kids said...

My favourite person in the book is Barry Bucksucd because in one part of the book Barry kicks a cat 3 meters in the air and the cat lands on its paws and walks off. My question is. If you were a character in the book who would you be and who wouldn't be???